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I just got my new Mac OS Leopard in the mail today but for some reason, when I put the disk into my MacBook, it just spits it right back out! I tried three times, then tried restarting my computer to see if that would work, but it still won't load! Does anyone know what I can do? I tried calling the support line a few times but it tells me that no one is available and to call back later, so I figured posting on here might be a better bet! Thanks!

MacBook 15" White, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    It seems to me that either there is a problem with your Leopard DVD or there is a problem with your Macbook DVD drive. Can you read any other CD/DVDs with your Macbook drive?

    If your drive is working, most likely the Leopard DVD has a problem and you may need to replace it.

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    Thanks for your input! I actually did try another disc and it did work... But I then tried the Leopard on my boyfriend's computer and it didn't spit back out... The menu for Leopard showed up to begin installing. So I am not really sure why it would not work on my computer when other discs work?