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Greetings All!

Can anyone tell me why I cannot open files from my secondary hard drive?

I have two hard drives in my computer both are internal, one is 160Gb used for XP and other programs and the other is 250Gb used as a mass storage device for misic, pictures, video etc. However when I try to open any of the QT files that my digital camera creates I receive the following message:

Couldn't open the file "138810" because an unknown error occurred. The
number of the error is: -8971

My operating system is Widows XP MCE

Computer: Compaq Presario Desktop SR1950NX
RAM Memory: `1Gb
Hard Drive 1: 160Gb
Hard Drive 2: 250Gb
QT Version 6.5.2

If you need any other information please dont hesitate to ask!

Elaine Beauxrauxgard-Weiderhoff

Compaq Presario SR1950NX, Windows XP, Desktop
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    I've had a problem in the past with opening .mov files from a second hard drive which was caused by the drive being named in a way QT could not recognize it. The drive was named (F:\F:\) when changing the drive letter to a single(F:\). QT was then able to recognize and play. But that was generating a, error 43 file could not be found. So you might still want to check how the drives are named.

    I read that error 8971 can be a need to update QT,but don't know how accurate the info is. If you do update from QT6 to QT7 and are using QT Pro you'll have to purchase a new key