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A few days ago my iPod began to act up. It would start with the apple sign and then light up and then it would restart on it's own. It did this til the battery ran out. I tried to connect it to iTunes but it not even my computer would read it. What's going on? is it broken?

Windows 2000
  • npp2e Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem. It looks to me maybe the hard drive is messed up and keeps restarting over and over again in the middle of booting up. Does anyone have a clear answer to this problem?
  • intelegent Level 1 Level 1
    First of all i would like to say that the service apple gave me was terrible! they just say: were sorry we can't help you. thanks apple!
    But finally i found a way to solve it!
    while he is restarting you puch select+menu
    when he restarts again you puch select+play
    then you get a page whit a symbol if you now conect your ipod to your pc you can repair your ipod.
    sorry for the bad english(i'am dutch)
    greetz lukas
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  • x2uiw Level 1 Level 1
    This is where you enter Disk Mode. My video IPOD happily went into Disk Mode but when getting out of Disk Mode becomes another dilemma. It just goes back to the flashing black screen with the white apple...
  • fmcrews Level 2 Level 2
    What I did is I restored it in iTunes, and once it restored it restarted the iPod and it gave me the usual thing on the iPod the flashing red with with DO NOT DISCONNECT on it, I copied all my songs, photos, videos, and podcasts over after about 2 hours of it doing that I disconnected and it told me to select a language, and my iPod was working like the day I got it in the mail.
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    I have tried to restore my IPOD but it works fine until i putt my music back on to it, does anyone here knows why?
    it is the same music as i have always had on it.
    is it the software? hardware? or micro$oft
  • x2uiw Level 1 Level 1
    The same thing happened to me. It's when I've finished syncing that I go back to square one.

    Here's the full description: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1221874&tstart=0
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    Yes, but after disconnecting my ipod, it goes back again to the black screen white apple flashes... Then I put into disk mode so I can charge it because I couldn't do anything if my ipod flashes the black screen white apple. I restored everything to factory settings and the crazy thing is, it would work fine. So basically, it's when I haven't synced anything into my ipod that it would work fine. I can change my settings (clock, etc). If I sync (which iTunes will), my ipod would go back to my original black screen white apple problem. sigh

    Full description: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1221874&tstart=0
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    the same thing happened to me........ it started into the endless reset thing so i decided to plug it into the comp....and SUPRISE, it wouldnt recognise it..... so i put it into disc mode, it recognised it, then i restored the ipod, then when i syncd the music onto it and disconnected it it started the cycle all over again.... but i can say as much as this: you can put up to 5 albums on there without the problem interfering with your ipod....... and if im right, the problem is caused by an update that all of us downloaded....... i think it was the recent QUICKTIME one... but im not positive
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    I've tried numerous things, and what the other guy posted above my first post is the only thing that worked.
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    Try going into disk mode and deleting the last few songs/files you added to your iPod. I had the same problem a few months back. I fixed it by going into Disk Mode as described in an earlier post and reseting the ipod. But once I exited disk mode and put all my songs back on, it kept restarting again. I figured that it only started having problems after I added the last few songs. I went back in and deleted them, and it worked just fine. I tested it out by adding each song individually until I figured out which one was messing it up. Then I deleted it from the ipod and my computer. Hope that helps
  • fmcrews Level 2 Level 2
    That's not why my problem occured, I know exactly what happened, and it's pretty embarrasing because it shows how clumsy I am. lol