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I want to delete email in bulk, but currently must select and delete one at a time. Is there a way to select all and delete all messages at one time?

Also, how can I delete my photos from my iphone library? thx!

G4, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Emails can be deleted only one by one (except for the ones in Trash folders witch can be set to be erased after one day, a week... automaticaly)
    Photos can be deleted only when you sync by not syncing them anymore (you can delete directly from the phone only photos taken with the iPhone)
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    No. No bulk delete. Its one at at time.

    As for photos you can only delete camera roll photos. Photos you synced can not be deleted until the next sync.
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    At this time, there is no way to mass delete bulk emails. From your inbox view, you can swipe your finger from the left side of the header to the right as a slightly faster way to delete messages. If you would like to make a feature request for deleting multiple emails, you can do it here:

    To delete photos from your iPhone library, it depends on how the pictures were added to the iPhone. If they were pictures you have taken on the iPhone, you can select the trash can icon at the bottom of the picture when you are viewing it. If it's a picture you synced from your computer, you will need to unsync those photos to take them off.

    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.
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    grinditout...Welcome to Apple Discussions. Currently the option to Bulk delete on the iPhone is not available. As we are all users here there we are unable to say when and/or if this will ever change.

    Depending on what kind of email you have...POP3/IMAP...If its IMAP you can go to your email account and do all of your bulk deletion at the end of the day or when its convienant and it will automatically do the same on the iPhone.

    In reference to your second question: With the iPhone plugged into iTunes, you can do one of two options. Go to the photo's tab and change your sync setting to what you desire. If you want to delete specific photo's you will need to go to your photo storage folder that you designated and delete or move each picture out of that folder that you are syncing with the iPhone.

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    Good Luck
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    The iPhone does not support a bulk delete of messages but by email account, you have the option to automatically delete messages marked for deletion and moved to the account's Trash mailbox after one day.

    Also, how can I delete my photos from my iphone library? thx!

    This is done via the iTunes sync process - which is the same for iTunes music and video. Photos on your computer are transferred to and removed from the iPhone via the sync process.
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    Thanks so much! I've already sent my email to the link.
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    Thx. As for my photos, it seems once synced to my desktop they automatically go into a library on my iphone which I don't want. I can't figure out how to stop this from happening, or better yet, to delete from my iphone. I've tried cancelling, etc. but no good. Other ideas?
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    You don't use iPhoto?

    If not, then you have a folder or folders of photos added to and selected under the Photos tab for your iPhone sync preferences.

    If so, deselect the folder or folders in the same location and this should remove the folder or folders and photos within from the iPhone.
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    I have never had a Mac so bare with me on the terminology. Your photo's are stored somewhere on your computer. If you go into that folder where your pictures are stored you can remove those pictures that you don't want on your iPhone and store them in another folder. By the sounds of it, you dont want any photo's on your iPhone so I would recommend that you go to the photo tab in iTunes (with phone plugged in) and just uncheck sync with photo's.

    Also we can right click on our photo software and go into properties to select what we want it to do when it senses a camera...like "Do Nothing" I think you have something similiar with your iLife or Aperture whatever it is that you are using. Hope this helps

    Good Luck
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    Where can I set the trash folder to be erased after a day?

    Looked for in settings > mail and didn't find.

  • SFC @rcher Level 2 Level 2 (400 points)
    Junior...Welcome to Apple Discussions. For this you go to Settings/Mail/Select your email account/Scroll to bottom and select advanced/click on remove and select your preference. Hope that helps,

    Good Luck
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    Try deleting the messages from the actual site first. For instance I have a comcast and gmail account on my iphone. The gmail is new so I deleted all those by hand. Then I deleted comcast messages through my mac mail on my laptop which didn't work. After that and the prospect of hand deleting over 2000 messages I logged into the actual comcast.net site. After I deleted the 83 pages of inbox messages and emptied the trash...my iphone is not seeing them. Still says its searching for 2000 messages or the next 50 to load but it never finds them. Seems to have worked at least for now.

    Update: now that I got a new message sent to my comcast, the number of messages my iphone says its looking for is correct. Hmm...no more mass mail on either account, just the brand new stuff. Is it possible it's that easy and no one else discovered it? There must me a hitch.
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    If you have a GMail IMAP account you can bulk delete the messages in your GMail Inbox using the web interface on your computer and then, the next time the iPhone checks for mail, the messages will be deleted.

    Whilst this is not the ideal solution, as you cannot bulk delete directly on the iPhone, it works great if you have several hundred emails to delete.