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I bought my MacBook almost a year ago and I want to purchase AppleCare for it ASAP. However, I do not have the receipt and when I entered my serial number to see the exact date it was purchased, I got this message: "Our records indicate that your product is covered under Apple’s Limited Warranty. This coverage is estimated to expire on 05-Dec-2007. If you believe that this information is inaccurate, learn how to update your coverage date. Please put your sales receipt in a safe place. You will need it for warranty validation." I have had no problems with my MacBook so far, but I am worried about my lack of receipt if I need to have a repair done in the future. I also do not want to buy AppleCare only to be told that it is essentially worthless if I do not have the receipt for my MacBook. Do they really ask for the receipt?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    The only reason you might need your receipt would be if you need to challenge the December 5th purchase date. Otherwise, you have until December 4th to purchase and enroll an AppleCare Protection Plan.

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    I bought my APP with two weeks to go on the year long warranty. I bought mine from L A Computer Company and saved a few dollars over Apples and Amazon.coms price. They sent it to me and I registered it on line with no problem. After a few days my info on the Apple site gave the info that I had the APP plan and gave the new date. I would suggest you hang on to that receipt. I just folded mine up and placed it in the APP plan box with the I.D. Number.

    I have never been asked for a receipt when getting a repair on any of my other Apple products. As long as it's in the system you should have no problems.