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Sometimes Safari loads pages quickly, others it hangs forever! Hitting back, stop, quitting and reopening frequently kicks Safari back into gear, but GEEEEEZ this is annoying!

I suspect it has something to do with the Airport Interference Robustness setting no longer available in Leopard, as without Interference Robustness on Tiger, the net was always dreadfully slow....

AAAAAAH I wish these things would just work consistently.

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    See also this thread. I think a lot of people are seeing performance/page loading problems with Safari 3 judging by the number of threads on the discussion boards here, but I have no idea if Apple is aware/working on this, because I would guess a lot of people are reluctant to wait 30 minutes on hold to report an issue which is almost impossible to distinguish from one of a dozen other possible causes.

    Anyway, I've switched to Camino, at least for now, and it's great. Fast, Mac-like, and, the clincher for me, integrates with Keychain.
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    Try using DNS server codes. Go to your Network Panel in System Preferences>TCP. In the DNS servers box enter on separate lines and, then select "apply". Restart Safari.

    The DNS codes help facilitate page loading.

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    Yes, the problem seems to be faulty DNS server codes. IF your ISP supports it, you can even just set up a fresh network configuration in Leopard by adding a new location in Networking (under System Preferences) with no DNS servers enumerated. That fixed it for me (so far - knock on wood).