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I want to delete the photos from my Touch without restoring it to Factory settings. How can I do this? I was emailed a link from Apple tech support http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n301111

How to delete imported photos from iPod
Remove imported photos from iPod
Delete a roll of photos directly from iPod

1Navigate to the main Menu.
2Select Extras, then Photo Import.
3Select the roll name, then Delete Roll, and then Delete.

[I dont have any "Extras" option on my Touch so I can't select "Photo Import", Roll Name and delete it.]
In iTunes 7 or later

Imported photos can also be deleted from the iPod disk while it is attached to a computer.

Connect your iPod to your computer.
When the iPod icon appears in the iTunes Source list (below Devices), select it.
If the Summary pane isn't showing, click the Summary tab.
Click "Enable disk use".
All imported photos are located in the "DCIM" folder on the iPod disk.
ut the instructions dont match.

[I am not given the "Enable disk use" option in Itunes. So I can't delete them this way either.] CAN SOMEONE HEEEELLLPP!

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    Ok, for starters the email you got is not relevant to the touch. It is for the other ipod's. You cannot delete pics on the ipod without doing it in itunes. You do not need to do a restore.
    In itunes with your ipod connected go to the photos tab- same place where u added the photos and uncheck the photos/ folders you want taking out. Then when you click apply and sync it will take the photos off.
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    So what your saying is that in iPhoto I create a roll called say 'To be Deleted' then in iTunes I leave that roll unchecked in the 'Sync selected items'?

    Seems a bit long winded
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    should be an easier way...
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    This all depends on how you installed the photos. I do not use iPhoto. I created a folder on my desktop called Touch Photos. I then created folders in it for various subject areas. Cruising, Pets, etc. I then placed jpg's I wanted into these folders.

    Then I selected this folder "Touch Photos" under the photo sync tab.

    All I have to do is either add photos to the existing folders, create new folders, or delete photos and folders from this main folder. To me this is easier than iPhoto, but again YMMV