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To bypass volume limiter in ipod classic w/o having to use any foreign software programs:

1.) Select all songs in iTunes library 2.) Right mouse click or select "Get Info" 3.) Increase volume slider ONE unit and click ok. 4.) Restore iPod and all songs will now have equalized, louder volume troughout your entire library.

I have personally done this and can say it actually works. I can't understand why my iPod classic 160 purchased in North America was subject to lame EU volume limiter standards. This is why every person who buys a classic must take it upon themsleves to regain full rights and functionality of their device.

6G 160 Classic, Windows XP
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    All that does is turns up the volume in iTunes and on the iPod a little bit for all the songs. It is the same thing if you manually turn up the iPod volume a little bit more. The volume setting just makes the iPod do it for you. The maximum sound volume is still the same as it was before.

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    Problem: My American bought 6G 160 Classic has an EU volume limiter built in. It was way too quiet on maximum volume setting.

    Solution: By increasing the volume characteristics of all songs, my 160 plays louder on any device it is connected to. Also, it has now become louder than my 4G 60 iPod Photo. Granted, it STILL has a volume limiter; it's just that the volume is now set SO HIGH that there is no way I would ever turn it up all the way because it has become REALLY LOUD.

    Like I said, I've tried this and it works, this is not some 'theory', this has been 'applied and proven'.

    Patrick: The maximum sound volume IS NOT the same as it was before. It is MUCH louder, so loud in fact that I never go above the half-way mark on the volume bar to rock out. Just try it out for yourself and you'll be pleasantly surprised!
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    This old chestnut gets trotted out here from time to time when someone thinks they have discovered a way to make the iPod louder.

    Patrick is right in saying it doesn't work.

    Increasing the song's volume using iTunes will do nothing to raise the maximum volume of the iPod.

    If you increase the volume of a song in iTunes, all you do is make it so that the maximum volume on the iPod is reached before the volume bar is at full.

    For example, if you increase a track's volume in iTunes by +100% then when it's on the iPod you will find that that track hits it's maximum volume level at about half volume, and turning the iPod up to full volume will not increase the volume any higher after this point. A track which has not had it's volume altered in iTunes will reach exactly the same sound level, although of course you will need to turn the volume level of the iPod to full in this instance.

    Try it for yourself. And no, I do not have the volume limit set to half, I have it set to maximum.

    My American bought 6G 160 Classic has an EU volume limiter built in.

    No, it does not. Since when has the United States of America been subject to European law?

    And even if it were, the EU volume limit is a software restriction and can only be bypassed by actually removing this software.
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    Try I Pod volume Booster it removes the EU volume cap.
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    gerbilly wrote:
    Try I Pod volume Booster it removes the EU volume cap.

    Sorry, no it doesn't. It has the same effect as boosting the songs volume in iTunes.

    You just end up reaching the songs maximum volume before the iPod volume is a full.
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    i don´t know if it is possible but we could try to install US Firmware on EU ipods and see if it helps.
    Since Us Firmware dose not have any volume limitations.
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    strange as that is precisely wht they say it does. GO Pod has always worked with my previous i-pod's but it looks as though it doesnt work anymore.
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    goPod has been the only effective way of increasing the volume because it actually unlocks the cap.

    I read some time ago that the writer of goPod was trying to "unlock" the code so as to produce an updated version that would work on newer iPods, but since then nothing.

    Guess he wasn't able to.
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    I hope not it was a very simple piece of software.
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    When I adjust the volume in the ipod, it moves the bar, but doesn't hold. I go back in and the bar is in the same place. Is there a way to save the adjustment?
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    Rod, best to start a new topic rather than tacking onto this one. But which adjustment are you talking about? There seem to be three different ones discussed here.

    The first is simply the iPod volume by whirling your thumb around the wheel you can change the currently playing volume.

    Then there is the user settable volume limit setting which is found from the main menu of the iPod under settings.

    Then there is the volume adjustment you can make to tracks in iTunes by clicking on a track or set of tracks, doing a Get Info then under the options, a slider to adjust the volume of those tracks (default is the center of the slider so you can tweak up or down from the default).

    So which one are you talking about? And again, better to start this in its own topic.