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When I launch the Mail application, I get the message:
Mail wants to use the "login" keychain.
Please enter the keychain password.
Cancel -- OK
I enter the login keychain password into the Password text box, and then I click OK, and then the Mail application continues to run properly.
My problem is that this happens every time I launch the Mail application, and it's annoying.
Why is the Mail application or the Keychain access software failing to remember my login password?

This started happening after I upgraded on Monday to Mac OS X Leopard version 10.5. I had problems during the initial installation with my keychain passwords and my login account. I have had my Mac for around 4 years (early 2003) and my main computer (login) password was longer than eight (8) characters.

So, I installed the new Login Keychain Password update for Mac OS 10.5, and it installed successfully.

But, I am still getting the message indicating that Mail wants to use the login keychain. I am also getting a similar message when I launch the Safari application. Why can't the applications remember the login keychain password?

Usually, the password boxes on Mac OS X have a check box where you can select the option to have the application REMEMBER the password. But, on these dialogue boxes, there is NO remember box to check. Why don't I have the option to remember?

Is there an easy fix for this? -- Is Apple aware of this problem? -- I don't want to completely re-install the operating system. -- Can I do something simple to get Mail and Safari to remember the login keychain password?

Help me please !!!

Mac PowerPC G4 Tower Dual 1.42 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5), Dual 1.42 GHz - 2MB L3 cache per processor