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I have found a seller on ebay who is selling new Apple computers and shipping refurbished models instead. After catching him and returning the 17" MacBook Pro, he re-listed it, and sold it to the next victim. I contacted her, and she is working with the local police in an attempt to get this seller to stop. Meanwhile, the seller has posted yet another machine which I suspect is also a refurbished model being sold as new.

I have contacted Apple about this, and am getting no response. I have offered to provide them with further details, but my e-mails (to a long time employee) appear to be falling on deaf ears. I am very interested in knowing what Apple's policy is in policing this issue and what, if anything, they do to perpetrators. This perpetrator is unbelievably arrogant, even after having been caught, which causes me to think he has found a loophole in the system that Apple isn't addressing.

I am hoping someone can shed some light on this. This type of behavior only serves to damage the reputation and quality of the wonderful products that Apple makes. It would be comforting to know that they are doing something about it.

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