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I have upgraded my work and home computers to Leopard. Our iCal calendar is now not syncing its changes to my computer at home, even though both have updated to dot mac. Similarly, another computer with a subscription to our calendar is not getting any updated information. Everything was working fine, but now that we are in Leopard, we don't seem to be able to propagate our calendar changes at all. Anyone have a suggestion?

Intel iMac and Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • Ferd II Level 7 Level 7 (24,220 points)

    I am not sure, but this scheduled maintenance may be a part of your problem.

    UPDATE: As of 10/31/07 8 AM PDT, the .Mac Sync maintenance is still in progress. We thank you for your patience as we work to restore service ASAP.

    Due to scheduled maintenance, some members may not be able to sync with the website, or may receive an unexpected "What would you like to do for this first sync?" alert. We apologize for any inconvenience. Read here for more information.


  • sbarkley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Maybe, but there is no current notification of .mac being down. As of today, updates on my work calendar are not reflected at home, even after I "refresh all calendars", and subscriptions do not seem to be propagating. Is there a way to know whether the Ical system on dot mac is down for maintenance?
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    Maybe, but there is no current notification of .mac being down.

    ...other than the UPDATE that I referenced in my last post, and the yellow dot on the .Mac System Status-Sync.

    My .Mac Contacts have not been updated in weeks, although sync is selected to take place every hour.


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    Got it! Sorry, I was looking at my .mac details inside System Preferences. I went to the dot mac site at Apple and I see what you are talking about. Thanks for setting me straight. I will try to develop some patience.....
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    I have a newly created calendar that is failing to publish any Notes and chooses only to publish, at times, some notes.

    I have: Recreated the calendar, created a brand new log in, published, unpublished, logged out, created a new/temporary user .mac login done it all over again and the problem is consistent. There IS an issue with .Mac. Any suggestions?
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    If you look at the system status on the dotmac area of the Apple website, sync services are flagged in yellow. This has apparently been going on for about a week. I think the only choice we have is to wait until services are fully operational, and then see if the calendars will sync across computers.
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    I thought this would be solved when sync services at dot mac came back, but it hasn't. Is anyone able to sync their calendars across dot mac, if they are using Leopard on all machines?
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    Since the ICal .Mac Sync issue has "apparently" been repaired, I would recommend that you consider following the procedures outlined in: How to reset .Mac Sync.


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    This .Mac issue has been going on for weeks on its still on yellow.
    And its annoying but ok, as long it just not syncing

    But i have created some new calendars on my iMac and put some calendars in a group.

    Now the group has gone on the new calendar I created is gone.
    Either its iCal or .mac but something deleted my calendar.
    I hoped Time Machine would save me but apparently iCal does not work with time machine.

    I hope they integrate iCal into TimeMachine in the future so you cna resotr individual events.
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    I have a brand new iMac and a MacBook Pro, both running Leopard.
    I also have not been able to sync my iCal to dotMAC.
    I spent more than two hours on Nov 8th with Apple support. Two different guys from Apple could not solve the problem, but we did isolate it as a dotMAC problem. I sent an email to .Mac, but have not received a response yet.
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    It's been over a month now and I cannot sync my iCal at work with my home. Both are imac intels. This is quite frustrating. The green light is on for "Sync" in the column on the .mac website. Shouldn't be so in my opinion as it appears so many others are having the same issues.

    Someone please help!
  • Michael Lafferty Level 6 Level 6 (16,080 points)
    Can you describe what happens or fails to happen in greater detail?

    My bookmarks, contacts, events and tasks synchronize—bidirectionally—without issue.
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    i have a similar issue. previously .mac syncing worked a treat across my two macs then i installed leopard on both my macs (intel mini and powerbook). i did a full erase and install on my powerbook. now everything (bookmarks, keychains, email prefs etc) syncs perfectly but ical remains stubbornly empty. sync works beautifully with my sony ericsson phone as well. just not with my powerbook. pls help - this has been going on for months now.

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    Here's a little clue (or maybe a red herring), courtesy of Apple support (with whom I am right now enjoying my first half-hour of being on hold . . .): According to Apple, it is now required that you turn ON Time Machine in order to sync calendars with ,Mac! This, of course, requires an external hard drive to be attached to EACH machine that you want to sync calendars with. I've been told that this is a change made to iCal for Leopard and beyond. Makes no sense to me (isn't .Mac a server that I've been paying for to store my calendar on for years? What do I need 5 external hard drives for, then?)

    My calendars stopped synching when I installed Leopard, but strangely enough, my iPhone still synchs and reflects all changes made on all satellite computers, even though the computer (G5) that the phone synchs through cannot display properly synched events in iCal. The info is somehow getting through to this machine via .mac, but iCal won't pick it up.

    I am currently holding because I'm being transferred to somebody to whom I can complain about this - you won't find this info in any of Apple's advertising for Leopard or .Mac, so I'm hoping that I'll find out that the technician who told me this is mistaken. (He was quite confident that he was correct.)
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