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i have the final g4 seriez before the new g5 was released, and my video card has a two slots, one is the one that comes with the dvi adapter and the other one is a adc, and i have a spliter but all i get from that is the mirrored monitors but will the Apple DVI to ADC Display Adapter work to give me the extended desktop???

Power Mac G4, Mac OS X (10.4.1)
  • Rodney Culling Level 5 Level 5

    If it's literally a final G4, such as an MDD or FW800 with the stock graphics card, then yes - connecting a monitor to the other port on the graphics card (with an adapter where necessary) will give you an extended desktop. If you have a simple splitter connected to one port at the moment, it will just be sending the same signal to both monitors, hence the mirrored desktop.

    Edit - Make sure you do get the correct adapter. DVI to ADC is different from ADC to DVI etc.
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    You need both a DVI to VGA and ADC to VGA adapter.(my setup, currently)
    Or you need to use one DVI or ADV adapter to ADC or DVI.

    Either way, you need to have one monitor connected to each head(port) on the video card. Then the extended desktop well be the worlds most wonderful thing.

    Although I'm caning it for one very large lcd monitor instead.