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Hey ya'll! i just bought myself a shiny new macbook pro and i have copied all my files from my ibook to it, problem is though i am still using my ibook to sync my ipod to my music because i use the play count for playlists all the time, and i have not found a way to move play count data from my old itunes, to my new one (all my itunes media files are on my macbook pro identically to my ibook, just no data with it grrr)
I have tried using the export library xml but all that seems to do when i import it is copies my playlists (even the smart ones which is silly for ones like recently added, as they were all added at the same time duh.)
so yeah bottom line, how do i get my play count info from my ibook itunes to my macbook pro?.... please

MacBook Pro 15", 2.4ghz. 2gb ram, 160gb etc. iBook g4 12", 1ghz, 256mb, 32vram, combo, 100gb, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Just copy the entire iTunes folder to the new computer.
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    nah that didn't work thanks for the reply anyway, i think it's because i have a different user name so the .xml file in the iTunes folder directs to a place that dosen't exist, i tried to alter it but to no joy. any other suggestions anyone?
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)
    Different usename won't make any difference.
    When you move the iTunes folder, all the music is in the folder also (unless you had it in a differnt folder in the user folder).
    The .xml file is not used by iTunes. It is only created by iTunes for other applications.

    Hold Option when starting iTunes and select *Choose existing library*.
    Select the iTunes library file in the iTunes folder you copied over.
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    that was cool, didn'e work thought, there was nothing in the library, i tried it many different ways, like get the music, move folder, change library, and a combination of all of these. bored now i give up
    thanks for your help anyways. i'll just start again
    Mitchypoo xxx