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  • Old Pal Level 1 (45 points)
    Would you please give me a URL for the download for the Leopard compatible drivers. I see on the Canon website that new drivers exist but when I download then, they are still the same old ones. Thamks
  • Charles Laux Level 1 (55 points)
    Go to

    Do a search for your scanner. Click on the drivers & downloads tab

    I just downloaded a NEW driver for my LiDE 80 (posted on 10/4/07) and it WORKS with Leopard 10.5.1.

    All this after I contacted them a few weeks back and they told me I could use their "customer appreciation" coupon (10%) off to purchase a NEW scanner. I guess they realized that updating the driver wasn't so tough.

    Thanks, Canon! Now I can use my scanner for years to come...
  • Old Pal Level 1 (45 points)
    I downloaded the 10/4/07 driver for my LiDE 35. The scanner works great with Image Capture, but fails with the CanoScan software. It's OK with me since Image Capture works fine.
  • J. Bill Level 1 (0 points)
    Well that's encouraging. Can I ask you for a couple of clarifications?

    1. Does your LiDE 80 work with Apple Image Capture, or just with the Canon Toolbox application?

    2. Is the filename of that new driver image "LiDE80_7252MXEN.dmg"?

    I ask because I'm running the LiDE80_7252MXEN.dmg drivers, which Canon mark as "posted 10/4/07", but examination of the image reveals that none of the files in the image are newer than 2004.

    With that driver I find I'm able to use the Canon Toolbox application fine, but MacOS Image Capture won't see the LiDE 80.


  • John Froeb Level 1 (10 points)
    Hey Folks, good news Cannon just released new version of Canoscan toolbox and it works, release date 11-26-2007

    Details - CanoScan Toolbox Ver. (Mac OS X)
    ID: 0900292101EN2

    Mac OS X

    File Name
    File Version
    File Size
    10.84 MB
    Post Date
    - Newly supports Mac OS X v10.5. - The problem that CanoScan Toolbox cannot be launched in the Mac OS X v10.5 environment has been rectified.
    1. After upgrading Toolbox, ScanGear cannot be used. 2. When Toolbox is installed, the settings for the button and application are reset. 3. In Intel Mac, when launching Toolbox after selecting Open Using Rosetta, Toolbox may not operate properly. 4. Toolbox cannot be installed in Mac OS 10.2.7 or before. An error message is displayed. 5. The EZ button may not respond in rare cases.
    Procedures for the download and installation 1. Click the link. The download will start automatically. 2. Files will be saved on the computer desktop. 3. Double-click the file to mount the Disk Image. 4. Double-click the mounted Disk Image. 5. Double-click the CanoScan Toolbox4.9.3.4 Installer file in the folder. Installation starts automatically.
  • mnxjfo Level 1 (0 points)
    I am still trying to get my LiDE 80 scanner to work under Leopard but have been unsuccessful.

    Since installing Leopard I have been unable to get the Canon Driver to install. I downloaded the driver LiDE80_7252MXEN.dmg (dated 10/04/2007) from the Canon website but when I run the ScanGear CS Installer I get two error messages:

    Cannot access a file named
    "CNQA2405_Library.shlb". (Error Code =-5000)

    Cannot access a file named
    "". (Error Code =-5000)

    Installation was successful. You must restart your computer. Do you want
    to leave the installer?

    I did install the CanoScan Toolbox Ver. (Mac OS X) under the LiDE 60 Scanner after reading the post above and it installed but when I try to scan I get the message "Failed to open a driver".

    Does anyone have any ideas?
  • jarik Level 4 (1,005 points)
    So this new version of the driver that John Froeb posts about is found under the LiDE 60 section on Canon's site, but doesn't work for the LiDE 80? To confuse us, I guess, Canon reposted the 2002 drivers for the 80?

    I guess I'll wait a few days and check on Canon's site for updates for the LiDE 80.
  • More2Learn Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello all. I finally called canon and they informed me that there is no driver for the 80 and there may and I repeat may never be one. I broke down and picked up a lide 90. I used the provided driver and it works fine with leopard. It ended up being either drop a $100 or waste more productivity on this issue. Just for the record though, I think canon scr..ed us on this. Despite this I like their products...
  • My White Dog Level 2 (195 points)
    I have a LiDE 80, and the driver and the Canon utility both installed and work in 10.5.1, but no you can not use image capture with it, only the CanoScan Tool kit.
  • JFink Level 1 (0 points)
    Do you have a link to this? For the life of me I can't find it.


  • J. Bill Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes, that's my conclusion too.

    No Leopard support for the LiDE 80; yes for the -25, -60 and others.

    And yes, their support site offers three-year old LiDE 80 drivers, but marked as posted "10/04/2007".

    I'd be madder at them but the things are so inexpensive anyway...

  • My White Dog Level 2 (195 points)
    The LiDE has a strange chip set inside. I just use the tool kit from canon, the scanner does what I need it to.
  • Mike Kralicek Level 1 (0 points)
    I use a LIDE 80 and it works fine with Leopard. I have down loaded the software from the Canon site as I remember
  • JFink Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the LIDE 90 and I can't find the Canon Toolkit. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • mactechconsulting Level 4 (2,775 points)
    I was so upset to read my trusty Canon N1220U Scanner was Not Supported? Jeeze! You mean I have to go spend another fortune on new Scanner? Well I just fired up trusty old VueScan I d/led from Versiontracker and Bless my stars and garters!! It works Great!! Way better than the old Cannon Software as you don't need Photoshop or anything, Its a stand alone program and Its actually pretty robust and automatic as well. I pressed a few buttons It automatically calibrated the unit with no intervention and then scanned my Holiday Letter so we can send out 70 copies No Problem! Good News Folks..

    Happy Holidays to All