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  • bilbo_baggins Level 4 (2,230 points)

    I returned my Dual 2.3 to the AppleStore because of the 2 types of noise 1) high pitched high frequency noise associated with moving graphics 2) the soft beep referred to in this post.

    I insisted on listening to the replacement dual 2.3 before I took it hope, and if did it in the shop. Both made the noise without any additional RAM.

    3 of the 4 PowerMac G5's on display in the shop made the noise, so I'm wondering if most G5's make the noises, in a similar way to the fact that most people add additional RAM. Coincidence proabably.
  • bilbo_baggins Level 4 (2,230 points)
    Computers, unlikely humans, don't get annoyed or irritated by these beeps...
  • Heero Miketta Level 1 (0 points)
    A not very loud "knistering" noise comes from my powerbook - only as long as it is connected to the powerline... :-/

    I don´t like this...
  • Nick Nishizaka Level 1 (95 points)
    Folks, I think we are beating a dead horse. I don't think they will do anything to fix this "problem"...or is it a feature?

    It's been getting hot lately. When my AC is off on 80-90 degree days, even though my room isn't quite that hot, the vacuum G5 goes off. It seems like the Fan in front of the HDD goes off and it is VERY loud!!!

    So yes, the G5 is a quiet machine, provided the room is air conditioned. They should put that somewhere on the box!

    Anyways, yep, I have the beeps, the chirps, all the noise...they do go away completely with NAP off. (except for the vacuum fans)

    I doubt anything will happen. And now with Apple concentrating their efforts in the whole Intel conversion thing, my hopes are pretty much dried up.

    I still love my G5...only if it were a little more quiet.
  • bilbo_baggins Level 4 (2,230 points)
    Has anyone used their G5 in target disk mode (using its hard drive via Firewire from another Mac)? Wow - you have to strap the thing down or it'll take off, the fans run so fast!
  • Robinson Collins Level 1 (20 points)
    I also exchanged my machine 3 times (and what a hassle, since I added 4Gb of RAM, an extra hard drive, and swapped out the graphics card... DIY mode...). Same attitude, they didn't want to open any more boxes for me... but the beeping hasn't gone away. It is less pronounced on this third machine, and down under the desk, it is only remotely audible at certain angles... (yeah, it's one of those sounds, you can hear it clearly with your head turned "this way", and not at all turned another....).

    OK, I can certainly do the "disable NAP" thing....

    I just want to be absolutely clear on the implications of that before I do it.

    Aside from the upside (silencing the noisy/beeping PSU), what downside is potentially there? It raises questions for me that need some kind of solid assurance...

    - With NAP disabled, is my machine going to basically run in "Highest" mode at all times?
    - Are there going to be additional heat or heat-related issues?
    - Will I endure constant ramped-up fan speeds in place of distant beeping?

    Mainly, is this going to shorten the lifespan of my computer by removing safeguards? I know someone posted that these are likely non-issues, but I really want to be certain before I jump in.....

    thanks in advance....
  • Radnall Level 1 (0 points)
    I also get the beep on my dual 1.8GHz, but the most frustrating thing is that it doesn't do it in Panther, so why can't Tiger be patched to get the old fan/ power settings?
  • JustinR Level 5 (4,475 points)
    Hi Robinson,

    I suggest a call to Apple Support. Ask to speak with a senior engineer, at LEAST level 2. Tell them the history and why you want to disable Nap, then ask if it's safe, long term, it not, why not; and when will the PSUs be made silent if Nap shouldn't be off.

    If you're in the States, at least that call will be free. Costs a fortune for us in the UK!!!

  • Stephane Deneuve Level 1 (0 points)
    I think very with humility that instead of changing power supplie it will be more nice if Apple in Tiger 10.4.2 put a kind of startup unix-script wich disabled nap, disabled the second processor and then re-enable the second processor then at the end, re-enable nap, and then no more and no more nasty beep-beep-beep-beep, each second, noise; simply isn'it ?
    Thank You very much Apple if you can do this for us Apple's Users !
  • PockyRevolution Level 1 (120 points)
    Ok you guys. I've finally done what must be done. I've recorded the b4stard.

    Now we have proof of this chirp. So go out there and complain! Ready...GO !!
  • imageconx1 Level 3 (755 points)
    That's the infamous "toy-car sound" that's been around since the first G5s (Rev As) made their debut! What an obnoxious sound.... but I wouldn't describe it as a chirp or a beep. I thought the issue was solved a long time ago. I never heard that particular noise come out of my G5 but sometimes the modem makes noises like a telegraph! Thankfully it doesn't do it too often- or I would take in for repair.
  • imageconx1 Level 3 (755 points)
    The noise has nothing to do with processor(s) speed or liquid cooling. These complaints have been discussed extensively since the very beginning!
    Hey, all computers make noises of some kind don't they?
  • Macau Filo Level 1 (35 points)
    QUOTE "The noise has nothing to do with processor(s) speed or liquid cooling. These complaints have been discussed extensively since the very beginning!
    Hey, all computers make noises of some kind don't they?" END QUOTE

    Yes they do, but they don't influence your work like this does.

    Hello everyone, first poster. I have a Powerbook g4 17" 1.65 and just recently bought a powermac g5 2.7. The beeping is there. I'm in Asia, so I believe this is a worldwide problem. I also have the cricket noise while scrolling trough things like FCP timeline and Photoshop.

    Disabling NAP resolves the problem, but what is NAP? Anyone got a response from Apple concerning this workaround? Contacting Apple over here is not as easy as over there in the States...

    One more VITAL question: Any video editors there working on a g5 2.7? Does the beep bleeds to your work?
  • Brent Meyer Level 4 (1,355 points)
    Hey Macau-

    Welcome to the boards. Disabling NAP does pretty much what it says it does. With NAP disabled, the processors will no longer idle. This used in conjunction with the Energy Settings set to highest keep your processors moving at all times. Why that influences the beep, especially since when it is heard it is usually under heavy load, is beyond me. Apple has not commented.

    As far as your vital question is concerned, I'm not a video editor but I do do audio work and I can tell you that the beep does not bleed through there.
  • Macau Filo Level 1 (35 points)
    Thanks for clearing me up, Brent. Knowing that the beep doesn't bleed to an audio production environment is enough for me to just go ahead and do my business with the machine.

    My powerbook, however, is a joy to use- just love it (that's why I went with the g5 and not a PC based workstation- even tough I'm professionaly more used to PC editing software).

    As for the beep, I'm not too sure about the NAP thing...Are the fans a lot more busy with this disabled? Right now, just trimming trough the timeline in FCP inspires the machine to "take off"...

    One more question to the guys able to contact applecare: Any word from apple concerning "disabble NAP"?
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