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I tried to upgrade my iTunes to Itunes 7, but it requires a newer operating system for my computer, and refuses to open. How do I get my old iTunes back? I had the version 6.0.5 and whenever I try to download it from the Apple website, it says there is nothing to download. Help!

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    Thanks. I'm trying that, although it takes an hour and a half to download. Do you have any other ideas? When I tried to download iTunes 6.0.5 from the Apple website, it downloaded, but then said there was nothing to install. Is there anything I can do about that? Because I don't know if downloading it from oldapps.com will solve this side to the problem.
    Thanks for helping.
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    HELP! I downloaded an my old version of iTunes from oldapps.com, but it responded the same way as when I did it from the Apple website: It reaches the installation point, then says that it cannot be installed because there is nothing to be installed. What do I do???
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    I was having the exact same problem. I'm not sure how safe this is because I don't know much about computers but it seems to have worked for me. What I did was to put iTunes and all the associated files (except the music files, which I moved to another location and renamed the folder) in the trash, then emptied the trash. Then I reinstalled iTunes from the Mac OS X Disc which came with my computer (I had to search through all the files in the disc to find the install iTunes thingy). Then all I had to do was install the iTunes 6 which I down loaded from oldapps.com or whatever it is. Everything seems fine now.... one second, I'll just double check...... yep, all good.
    I have a feeling, however, that if you just move the iTunes application to the trash and empty the trash you won't get that nothing to intall message. Hope that helps.
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    When cleaning out all things iTunes from previous installations, don't forget to check in the Library/Receipts folder of your system. I was getting the 'nothing to install' message too. Good luck...