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When i log in, I notice something try to appear on my dock. It doesn't even seem to fully open, sometimes the dock just expands a little bit. Once, when it stayed a little longer, I was able to move my cursor to it and it said the thing was called pipedaemon. I did some research, and found it was part of the HP printer software, but I still thought it odd. So is this thing just a harmless piece of software that I actually need, or is it something I should get rid of?
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    I can't tell you for sure.

    However, if you are using an HP Printer, that is NOT also a scanner, you should be able to uninstall the junky HP Software they give you, and OS X should reconize the printer. pipedaemon seems to run all the time (when I had HP Drivers installed...) I think it tells the printer whether drivers are installed for the scanner, so that the printer can send pictures from the scanner to the Mac. Of course, if it isn't there, the drivers aren't installed. That'd be my guess.

    As for uninstalling, I'd leave it installed if you have a scanner on your printer, if not, try uninstalling it, and seeing how OS X's Printer Utility deals with the printer. If I'm wrong, simply reinstall the HP Software.
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    I have one of the all in one printers, so it's a printer, a copier and a scanner. Thanks for reassuring me.
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    Ive been wondering what this pipedaemon thing is for a while now. The other day i found my computer running very slowly and lagging(it also affected the rate at which my internet would work) so i thought i would restart to see if it would make a difference but when i tried to it said cannot restart because of pipedaemon application running. As soon as i quite the pipedaemon process in activity monitor my computer sped up and everything was back to normal. Not sure if i like it running on my computer. Dont think i will buy another HP printer if thats what comes with the software!!