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Hey guys,
Is there a way I can increase the buffer on my Apple TV, so it can be "reading ahead" 30 seconds/1 minute/etc?
I have it connected through a wireless N Airport Extreme Base Station, and sometimes it starts buffering in the middle of a show.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (86,575 points)
    Welcome to the  Discussion Forum.

    AFAIK the tv will buffer as much as it can. I often sit here at my MP while the wife starts a 30 minute show in the other room, my external HD seems to work hard for about 5 minutes and then nothing for the next 25 minutes when it all starts over again as she selects another show.

    If your show stops temporarily while streaming catches up then it is likely your network which is the problem. First thing I notice is that you are using an 'n' network. Which type of 'n' network are you using, many users don't actually realise that the 5 Ghz band, while being fast has an extremely short range and is easily blocked by many objects.

    Interference can often affect networks even though devices are reporting full signal strengh, switching to another wifi channel can often remove interference.
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    I too am looking for a way to increase AppleTv buffer size, i have also an elgato eyehome connected wirelessly and it can stream the same media without any issues, however on the Appletv it usuall re-buffers every 10 minutes.
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    Did you read my previous post.