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I've tried burning CD's from my iTunes and it flat out doesn't work anymore. It starts and then cancels after a few seconds with 'error 4450' and sometimes it goes on to the second song but then cancels with an 'error 4850.' I've also noticed I can't import sometimes, even if the CD has virtually no scratches. Is it my CD drive or is something else up? Please help!

Windows XP
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    I'm having exactly the same problem with 4450 & 4850 errors, using compatible hardware and several different brands of blank media. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes and made sure my drive's drivers are current. It seems that a number of users are experiencing the same problem, and I'm anxious to see an explanation and solution posted.
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    Try this article: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=302976

    Some device filters installed by other burning programs may be getting in the way.
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    My registry was already in the state at which those instructions would have left it, but thank you for the idea. I'm at a loss as to why I can no longer burn CDs from playlists in iTunes, but if you or anyone else has any other ideas at all it seems there are a large number of people experiencing this problem who would likely be grateful.
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    Please post your CD diagnostics. iTunes Help menu -> Run diagnostics, select the CD diagnostics, in iTunes 7.5, you can chose the drive to run diagnostics on if you have multiple drives, then click next to get to the panel with text that you can copy / paste into a reply here.
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    I;ve had the same exact problem. The only thing I've found is that when I switch to a different brand of CD-R, they will work for several burns until I get the same message. I'm running out of other brands to try.