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I am doing a presentation for school and I am trying to put in a .mov file into my presentation. When I play my presentation, all that I can hear is the sound of the video but not picture, the screen is just blank. I've tried different formats and different videos and nothing seems to work. I am just going to play if off my monitor that is connected to my Mac mini, I am not going to connect it to a projector or anything like that. Videos do play normally on QuickTime. Anyone know a solution of have heard of this problem before? I am using Keynote '08 and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Mac mini 1.83 Intel Core Duo, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, Mac OS X (10.5), PowerMac G3 Server (10.2.8), iMac Sage, iMac 333, and iBook SE 466
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    I'm having the same problem here. It appeared this afternoon after upgrading to QT 7.3. Before updating, movies were playing without any trouble when in presentation mode (i.e. my MBP connected to a projector and running 10.5 and Keynote 4.0.1). After updating: black screen with audio only, unable to move to the next slide without quiting the presentation and restarting on the next slide. Tried repairing permissions and reinstalling QT with the standalone installer. I'll see the results tomorrow in the classroom.

    Anyone else with the same problems ? Any idea for a solution ?

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    Same problem, Does not matter if I am hooked up to a projector, or not, I get no video in keynote, only audio. I hope somebody comes up with a solution because I have to give a presentation on Thursday. Losing faith in apple, a macbook that randomly shuts down now an update that negates 10+ hours of work. Help!
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    I'm having the exact same issue as you - my video in h.264, or any video for that matter, is no longer playing back on my MacBook Pro after I installed the updates released today, which included QuickTime 7.3. This is true with both single and dual-monitor set-up. I have a big presentation tomorrow night and I've prepared everything on Keynote. Someone, please help!!
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    I have exactly the same problem as you after updating to Quicktime 7.3 last night. I also have a big presentation today! Apple should really test these things beforehand - feels like a 'rushed' release.
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    Just to report I'm having similar problems. I downloaded three system updates today: Quictime 7.3, iTunes and an iMac fix. My colleague has also installed the first two on his Macbook this morning and appears to have no problems so this could be down to the iMac thing rather than the QT update.

    Hopefully Apple will fix this soon.
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    This is a quicktime thing. I was working on a keynote presentation, took a break to download the updates and blam no more videos. I have a macbook running leopard.
    Apple Help!
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    Same problem here, the H.264 will not play in Keynote, after the Quicktime update.

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    Hey all,

    I appeared to have fixed it!

    A friend of mine whose a developer was trying to help me revert back to 7.2. However my mac wouldn't let me do this as I was unable to delete all of the components of 7.3 so it kept saying I had a newer version on the disk. (I deleted the app, support files etc but something was still there.) Anyway, as QT was then missing completely I went to the Apple site and reinstalled 7.3 from the itunes/QT page. Since doing so I've been able to play the files in keynote so think the update was missing some components which the download page has.
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    Hmmm... I removed Quicktime (with AppDelete) and reinstalled... but no cigar. : (
    The H.264 QT video will still not play in Keynote.

    What preference files have you deleted? I might be missing someting.


    EDIT: I am on Leopard and your system is Tiger.

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    Same thing here. I have a presentation today and I'm not happy. No time to wait for apple to fix this. The solution for now is to open the movie from the keynote presentation (copy/paste into quicktime) and export it (i've only tested h.264, no time for more). Of course one needs quicktime pro for that.
    not happy at all.
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    I did everything, but did not succeed in full-screen presentation of Keynote files containing videos. Now I have a serious problem, since I have to give a lecture tomorrow morning. If there is no urgent update from Apple to fix this bug, I would have to cancel my lecture. What can Apple do for this big problem? I am quite unhappy. I have to say that Keynote is not a business software yet.
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    It's not a keynote but a quicktime issue, I also tried to reinstall the file loaded from apple, but it don't work for me.
    This afternoon i was forced to do my lecture without videos, fortunately there weren't more than two illustrating and no vital videos

    Nevertheless I hope they'll fix it quickly since I have to do others this week. Or at least the give a hint how to downgrade to quicktime 7.2
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    Same problems. But I tried different video file formats and... WMV is running... Ok, this is very sad (Microsoft wins this match, I'm so sad!) but maybe is a solution for the moment. Waiting for a "better" solution. Luca
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    Didn't work for me either.
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