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I have a clean install of Leopard running on a 2.33 GHz 24 inch iMac with 3GB of RAM. Overall, everything runs smoothly with the exception of really sluggish user logins. My personal/admin account, a test user and root all see the same behavior.

1. System boots quickly (40 seconds) and then you see the login screen. (Time Machine disabled and no external HD's or iPod connected)
2. I pick any user and enter the passwd
3. You almost instantly see the user's desktop image and dock.
4. Here's the hang, you have to wait about 30-35 seconds where you can hear just a little HD activity.
5. Then you hear a quick blast of HD activity and within a second, you have your Top Menu Bar and Desktop items available.

At this point, all is normal and Leopard works fine.

Any ideas on this one?

Please advise.

Thank you!

PowerBook G4 Ti 867