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Marcus Hedenstrom Level 3 (650 points)
Got a good old studio display the other day, and I can't believe how sharp and colorful it is. It's great!

But, for some reason it's way brighter than it should be. Brightness controls are set to minimum, and it seems changing the setting does not alter the screen brightness at all.

It there any way I can get it less bright?
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    Your reminding me of my Performa 550 (I have set up in my spare room) the display on this 550 looks better then a new G5s display. I cant even believe hw crisp it is. The studio display probably dont have a brightness button on the monitor (but I dont know for sure) since its probably in the control panels. Are you hooking this up to a Mac? What OS is it running? It could be the contrast try ajusting that.
    Hope this helps
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  • Marcus Hedenstrom Level 3 (650 points)
    It's hooked up to my blue and white powermac G3, stock graphics card. Running Tiger.

    The display does have brightness controls on the front, but like I said, it won't respond to any input. Index bar moves, but the brightness remains. The contrast controls, thou, do work properly, but lowering the contrast doesn't make it a lot better.

    I found the service manual for the display, and it mentions a variety of settings to be ajusted inside the very display. The caveat is it requres professional repair equipment, because of the high voltage inside the display, and because you need to do the adjustments with the display powered up and connected to the computer.

    Thanks for your reply. I don't believe there is any way of adjusting brightness from the OS, but I'll double check.

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    Hi Marcus,

    If you scroll down this forum on displays you'll find that there are a lot of posts with brightness issues with the studio display. I've escorted several 17" Apple displays to their final resting ground because I could no longer adjust their brightness and/or contrast. So, keeping that in mind...

    I think you're right about staying out of the monitor insides. With a computer if you mess up it breaks the computer. With the monitor you break.

    I don't know about OS X (being a die-hard OS 9 person myself) but in OS 9 you can set up a profile for different monitor brands and sizes in the Monitors control panel. This lets you adjust the mix of different colors, gamma, etc. It wasn't a brightness control as such but when you changed the profile you could see your monitor change, one of the things being brightness. There's bound to be a similar thing in OS X and you could try fiddling with those controls and see if it helps any.

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    Thanks, Brian. I'll have a look farther down. But it sounds as if there's little hope, if any, of it getting well again.

    As for tinkering with color calibration, it might be more or less effective. I did try calibrating it for the darker, but it only made it less colorful. And that's no better.