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While setting up a new iDVD project directly from iMovie, the background music in the template eventually disappeared. How can I get it back? Or can I get it back? Also, why can't I use the built-in music in iMovie as background music in my iDVD menus? Is there a way to do that?

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    From the Help menu in iDvd:

    Adding sound to a menu
    You can use a single song, a group of songs, or an entire iTunes playlist as background audio for a menu. The songs play in the same order in which they appear in the playlist. You can also use audio from a QuickTime file in a menu.

    Note: You can't drag playlists directly from the iTunes application.

    To add a soundtrack to a menu:
    Open the menu where you want to add the audio.
    Use one of the following methods to add a song or playlist to the background:
    Click Media to open the Media pane, then click Audio. Select a song or playlist and click the Apply button.
    Drag an audio file directly from the Media pane or from another location on your computer to the background of your iDVD menu.
    Click the Menu button to open the Menu pane, then drag an audio file or a QuickTime movie to the audio well in the Menu pane (shown below).
    Click the Menu button and drag the Loop Duration slider to the duration you want the audio file to play. The duration you choose applies to both the audio file and any background movies you've added. The maximum duration is 15 minutes.

    If you change your mind and want to remove the audio, drag the song or playlist icon out of the audio well or choose Edit > Undo.

    Tip: When you move the pointer over an audio well, the name of the song and the length of your audio file appears.

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