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    No Windows Media Player here, however, changing the streaming has helped a bit, but still getting skips and overall sluggish performance with 4gb of RAM.
  • Andrew Charlesworth Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Just thought I would post this.

    I'vebeen having the same issues, in the end I've removed or disabled all widgets relating to iTunes (album art and lyrics mainly)

    So far it seems to have helped, we shall see...

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    I'm not sure what the root cause of this bug is, but i know for sure that it is not solely itunes that is affected.
    this is system wide issue in my opinion.
    This problem occurs without any warning and when my macbook is idle or not. it happens when the CPU reaches a brief peak and places the whole system into overdrive.
    and unfortunately I have had this issue for a long time. before 7.5.
    Ive eradicated the possibility that this problem could be an OS corruption and have recently done a clean install.
    It seems to affect quicktime in a large way,especially in fullscreen, and when both itunes and quicktime are open, its just horrendous.
    My mouse and all functionality locks up and looks like its having a computer equivalent of a conniption fit. So its getting to the point where im starting to get beyond frustrated, and heading to the extremes of rage after suffering this issue for 2 odd months,AND... along with the other issues im having with this macbook, including the airport issue on the macbook its making this macbook a larger than life white paper weight.
    [the mb locked up 3 times whilst typing this entry alone]
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    I was having this problem. I had recently installed MSN Messenger so I could chat with my girlfriend at work and I also updated to the latest version of Firefox. (I also use Safari) One of those two apps made airtunes begin to skip because I have had the latest version of ITunes (7.5) for awhile with no problems.

    I took MSN Messenger completely off the computer. Still wasn't fixed, so I took Firefox completely off and then reinstalled in. I then went into Activity Monitor in the utilities folder and watched to see what was using the most computer memory. Safari and Firefox were using the most. I cleaned up a few small program (took them off the computer) that were using very little memory and closed every other non-essential program. Then I started Itunes and all worked perfectly.

    I now have Mail, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe Reader, IPhoto, Firefox, Safari and ITunes open. Airtunes is still working perfectly and has been all day.

    My suggestion, clean up what you don't use. Try to only open Itunes and see if it works. None of the other "fixes" people have suggested on here worked for me. (IE: Streaming Buffer Size or error correction)
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    Like most on this thread, I had skipping problems on upgrading to Leopard and iTunes 7.5. (from Tiger 10.4.10 and the version of iTunes that came with recent iMacs which came with a Leopard install CD). It affected songs in my library whether ripped from cds or purchased from the itunes store. It seemed to affect my account the most, my wife's account to a vastly lesser extent and new test accounts (created under Leopard) not at all.

    Because this behavior indicated that it was either time or account specific, I contemplated trashing my itunes library (with all of its precious metadata), but first tried trashing the itunes related plist files in Users/dyrlac/Library/Preferences. I then relaunched iTunes, reset the preferences to point to the appropriate music folder (we keep our music in the shared folder) and organise the music folder, and allowed it to rebuild the library (this did not kill any of the metadata). This so far has seemed to do the trick.

    I suspect the problem is that the latest iTunes upgrade corrupted some class of libraries, which forcing a rebuild by trashing the application preferences solves. Will revert if this fix doesn't hold.


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    Tried everything listed here so far with no luck. Still getting substantial skipping.
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    I have just rebuilt this and will try over the weekend - I did notice however that the Mac Mini internal speaker didn't skip whereas Airport extreme driven speakers did - so I suspect a network traffic issue....
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    I'm glad I checked this forum, I have been going mad trying to sort this issue - I have purchased Leopard but not installed it, I was hoping this would fix the issue, looks like Apple have let us down on this one - I can't go through christmas with this issue - Can anyone tell me how to go back a version of iTunes to the last one that worked properly?

    Feeling very unhappy at the moment with Apple - I can't use iTunes and I can't use my iPhone properly because it doesn't get a strong enough signal - I just wish they wouldn't stick their heads in the sand when there are customers reporting issues - stand up and be counted and tell us at least you are aware and working on it...
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    Ha. That's funny my Airport Extreme speakers don't skip at all (I have two sets), however my Mac does like crazy.
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    Im having skipping issues also and im not likeing it.
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    i was using a music player on My space and it was doing it too.
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    im thinking it is Leopards setting changes on audio parameters .hmmm apple are u going to help us ?
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    I'm also having the same issues, but it's definitely not limited to iTunes.

    Songs will suddenly pause for half a second and it's at random times that it does's almost as if there's something else hogging resources, but this happens even when iTunes is the only app open and running.

    This also happens in GarageBand...I'll be playing back a track and suddenly it will stop/skip, then start the playback from the start of the project again...and this has only recently occurred, out of the blue.

    I even watched my activity monitor while playing songs in itunes for any memory usage spikes from any background apps, and none exist. There will be sudden spikes in the data write (i.e. the red graph) but they don't coincide with the skips, and I don't know where they come from.

    All in all, it's started to lessen since this started yesterday...(of course it skips as I write that sentence lol)...but it wasn't even an issue 2 days ago.

    I'll keep trying to troubleshoot this, but if anyone has any potential solutions, I thank you in advance.
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    I am having trouble with my itunes also. After importing a brand new CD, lossless, it started skipping in places. So I trashed the entire album and imported it again. It was skipping in different places. I talked to an "Apple Genius" who informed me it could be the speakers. However the playback is skippy on my ipod--obviously not the speakers. Apple needs to get on this.
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    I blamed a number of apps on my system for iTunes 7.5 freezing. After reading this thread I adjusted the AirTunes buffer size to small. Still occurred. Tried closing Safari. Still occurred. As I'm in an office by myself a few feet away from my AirPort Express, I jacked up the Multicast Rate to improve performance. Still occurred. I switched iTunes to Computer stopped.

    In my case it was, and has been, AirTunes, and is infuriating. I've got Access Control enabled with just two computers' granted access: my laptop and my iPhone.

    I fixed it today: Instead of just selecting my AirPort Express speakers, I selected Multiple Speakers and hit mute on the laptop. It's been working fine since.