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I have a clean install of Leopard on my new iMac, and have found that the "Cut" function in Finder stays inactive. I can Copy and Paste, but not Cut. Is this a known issue, and is there another thread I should look at? Searching the forum for cut and paste hits just about every topic! Thanks

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    Apple is never going to enable the Cut function in Finder.

    It has something to do with user interface inconsistencies and the great fear that files will get sucked into a great big black hole if Apple ever decides to implement a Cut and Paste feature for simple file management.

    The argument goes that whenever a user "cuts" something, that something will disappear like the text in your word processor. Hence, when a user "cuts" a file, that file, too, will disappear and all anarchy will break loose on earth.

    And so They have grayed out the Cut menu item for Finder to protect us from ourselves.

    But I digress. I just love the cute little green button. I never know what it's going to do when I click on it.
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    Right... well at least I know my OS isn't broken. From my perspective this makes the Finder much less friendly (in combination with the Delete keys being disabled as well), but I guess someone needs to take the knife out of my hands before I trip and stab myself with it. I guess there might be a possibility they'll allow Cutting and Deleting one day, what with Time Machine and all... or maybe I'm dreaming.

    I'll got back to deleting and moving hidden system files the long way...
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    (in combination with the Delete keys being disabled as well)

    I'm not sure what you mean by this...? You can delete files with the Command-Delete keyboard shortcut.