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I have this issue (other post) about my nano reseting after about 1min of play on an audiobook. Going to Splasm's web forum the answer lies between Audiobook Builder and Apple. Since Apple is either ignoring the problem or taking their sweet time with a firmware update to fix this issue I was wanting to see if a previous version of the firmware works or does not work. Is there a method of loading previous firmware on an iPod or are you stuck always going forward and cannot go back?

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    If you have an older version of the iPod software on your computer, then you may be in luck.

    First you need to remove the latest update from the iTunes/iPod updates folder.

    On a Mac this is found in (name of)user/library/iTunes/iPod software updates.

    Then prevent iTunes from checking the internet for a new update (preferences/general and remove the check mark from "check for updates automatically), then click restore.

    You should then be asked if you want to use the previous version of the iPod software.