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Can anyone tell me how to unlearn a word in Pages dictionary? The help says to have it "forget" a word but try as I might I cannot get that forget button. It says, "If you used Learn and want to undo the effect of the Learn operation, type the word into the text field below the Guess list, and then click Forget." I cannot see that button. What am I doing wrong?

Also, does Leopard contain a Pages dictionary .plist I can delete and let Pages rebuild itself? Please help.


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    My question exactly! My experience is the same. GRRRRR!

    Also, the help mentions a "Guess" list. Although there is a list of possible words, it's not called a "Guess" list anywhere I can see. And I can't type anything there!

    Anybody got a "Guess" here?

  • John H Level 3 Level 3 (845 points)
    open the spelling dialogue
    Edit>>spelling>spelling… (commandshift:)

    type your word into the box near bottom and click unlearn
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    The Forget & Guess seems to be MIA in Leopard.

  • John H Level 3 Level 3 (845 points)
    thats a blow
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    I was about to ask the same thing, though not specifically about Pages. Your conversation prompted me to open TextEdit and try the spelling dialogue and though that didn't help, control-clicking the word in TextEdit gives the "Unlearn Spelling" option which is missing in other text fields (like this one).
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    I tried out you method in Pages, and it didn't work. I was able to Learn the word with the contextual menu, but there was no option to Forget it.

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    For me, this whole thing started when I - mistakenly - told Pages to learn a mis-spelled word. It did, but I've since forgotten the word, so I can't type it in and tell it to forget, even if that worked. Worse, in trying to see if I could get it to forget, I taught it several really wrong words, like "suhervgdh", to try to get it to forget. I'm afraid even if you come up with a way to teach Pages to forget, my dictionary is still going to have a bunch of mis-spelled words in it, unless I can find a way to list all of it's words and go through and delete all of the 'suhervgdh's.

    Any ideas? How hard would it be to delete and re-install the dictionary?

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    It's not a .plist, but the list of words learned/forgotten for English is :Library:Spelling:en and is shared with all other applications that use the built-in MacOS spellchecker.
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    Thanks for the answer, and please excuse a newbie question, but how do I actually see that list of 'learned/forgotten' words? Where do I type Library:Spelling:en? In the Finder? In Pages?

    Again, thanks - this may be the answer I've been hoping for. Other than what happened to 'learn/forget' in Leopard, that is!
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    is the description of the way to reach a folder (the standard name is: pathname)

    It means:
    open your Home folder (the one whose icon is a house)
    then open the folder named Library
    then open the folder named Spelling

    I apologize but in France "Library" is spelled "Bibliothèque"

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE jeudi 22 novembre 2007 20:42:18)
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    Yes, that worked -- excellent. So there is a work-around until they fix this in Leopard.

    I had to reboot for the dictionary to register the change, but deleting the wrongly learned word from the list on that "en" file did the trick.


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    Thanks Peter for the TextEdit tip. This worked for me on Leopard.
    Just open TextEdit, type in the offending work, select it, right click (or Ctrl-Click) and choose 'unlearn'.
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    posted below

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    Yes, that's actually a lot easier.
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