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Melinda Lyons Level 1 Level 1
Is anyone else having this problem? Since I have upgraded to Leopard, I find that my icons for Word, Excel and Entourage disappear on my dock! Plus, Entourage keeps freezing up, so I thought I would switch to Mail (which for some reason doesn't work for me, so I am giving up on it), but when I passed my mouse over the Mail icon, which is next to the Entourage icon on my dock, it turned into an "E" - like an Entourage icon, but the floating title bubble over it still says "mail". Weird!!!!

iBook, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • OS Lucinity Level 1 Level 1
    If you're syncing your Dock with .mac and another computer, you may suffer disappearing doc items, or rearranging ones.
  • Melinda Lyons Level 1 Level 1
    Good suggestion, but no, I am not syncing...It happens when I restart the computer (when Entourage freezes, I have to reboot to get it to work again).
  • SCOTT LEE2 Level 1 Level 1
    Your sync services are corrupt. You need to try and reset the sync services. You're syncing dock items and that is where your issue exists. You may need to call Applecare to help you clear your sync services if the reset button does not work in System Preferences/.Mac/Sync/Advanced button
  • photoalias Level 1 Level 1
    I, too, am getting a freeze up when I launch Entourage.

    I loaded Leopard yesterday and Entourage started right up.
    But, today, no can go.
    Ran DiskUtility twice, did a restart, nada.
    Can't find a sync button in prefs for .mac so hmmmmmmm.
  • RossDromana Level 1 Level 1
    I am having a similar problem.
    The Entourage icon disappears regularly and is now in a state that when after restoring it the icon no longer launches the app but directs me to Finder where I can then need to select Entourage .
    Also, from time to time, whilst Entourage and other Office Icons are in the Dock, they don't work at all. They need to be removed and reinstated.
    This navigation issue is a real nuisance as I purchased this system for an 80 year old great grandma who lives a couple of hours drive away from me. For me, as a Windows user, trying to diagnose and correct this sort of Leopard stuff on the phone to somebody who is capable but not familiar with all this stuff is somewhat difficult.
    Worse, I got the iMAC for her because of its image of ease of use and trouble free nature- maybe a mistake I now think.