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When in a Video Chat with someone on Skype anyway to use the same effects available in iChat/PhotoBooth?

My sister doesn't have a Mac let alone iChat and so we use Skype to video chat and I would like to be able to use the Special Effects that way when we are on video chat I can make it looks like I am on a Roller Coaster or in the Sky...

When I used to have a Windows PC with a Microsoft Web Cam I was able to use the Microsoft Special Effects from within Skype.. But if its available on the Mac version also I sure can't figure it out. :'(

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    At present, I don't think there is a way to do this. However, there are 3rd party apps which do similar cool things with video.
    CamTwist is one and could be worth a go..
    Its not quite as Apple-like and user friendly as Leopards offerings, but still quite effective and good fun. However, i believe it does still use Quartz? So it may be possible for developers to use some of the Apple effects in it at some later date.
    It does need quite a fast Mac however, but any intel Mac should be fine.
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    okay ill give that a try... Ya I am on a Brand New iMac that I just bought 2 days ago so I would hope that speed wouldn't be an issue..

    Whats funny is my old Dell was 3.6ghz Intel Dual Core and my iMac is only 2.8ghz Intel Dual Core and my Mac goes atleast 23 times faster then the PC ever did....
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    That iMac will be plenty fast enough.
    The nice thing about CamTwist is that you can layer up multiple effects if you want. You cant do that in iChat/Photobooth.. My old G4 1ghz powerbook can only run maybe 1 effect at a time before bogging down. G5 1.8ghz iMac can run 3 or 4 effects. But my 2.4ghz intel iMac seems almost limitless.
    You'll notice CamTwist has quite a few extra tricks up its sleeve, the more you play around with it.
    Have fun