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I used to be able to open my iPod Shuffle contents in a new window, which made it really easy to drop specific songs into the exact order I wanted. Now I can't open a second window and have to drag an entire playlist exactly where I want it and then move the unwanted songs or move a specific song ontop of the iPod icon and then have to go and pull it from the bottom and place where I want it on the Shuffle. I know this sounds petty and I can still get the songs/order on my Shuffle, but it's so much clunkier than it use to be. I hate when an upgrade "removes" functionality instead of enhancing it.

iMac / Shuffle, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Well I can get another Window as follows:

    Click on the little triangle to the left of the iPod symbol to open up the iPod's playlists.

    Double click on Music and another window opens. I see you are using a Mac, but i guess it must be the same.