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Ron Frankel Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
I cannot get my iPod Classic to "sync only checked songs and videos" --except for Podcasts and Photos.

In Summary I checked the "manually manage music and videos". Enable disk use is checked, but greyed out.

I'm running OS 10.4.9 from an external drive. The iTunes version is 7.5.

When I go to iTunes>preferences>syncing I get the message "iPhone and iTouch require 10..4.10.

So it appears iTunes thinks my Classic is either an iPhone or ITouch and needs the latest OS . But I have been able to use the iPod for most of the functions I've tried so far using 10.4.9, even from the external drive it's running on.

And why is it the "sync only..." does work for Podcasts and Videos, but not the other categories: Music, Movies, TV etc?

iBook G4 (running from external drive), Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • Zevoneer Level 9 Level 9 (52,700 points)
    *In Summary I checked the "manually manage music and videos". Enable disk use is checked, but greyed out.*

    Syncing checked items is designed to work when you are updating songs and videos automatically, it's simply a way of managing what items are automatically added to the iPod. When you are managing an iPod manually you drag and drop your songs and videos to it from the library. Enable disk use is is set be default when you choose manually manage songs and videos that's why it's greyed out: iPod 101: Syncing Music to iPod
  • Ron Frankel Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    So...if I wanted to selectively move (sync) files from iTunes to my iPod I could choose to not manage files manually. I didn't do that because I thought that every time I connected my iPod to my computer it would automatically sync everything on the computer with the iPod, overwriting the entire iPod in the process.

    But I think now I was wrong. The various options for the various file categories, now that I review them, seem to show that I have a chance to intervene and choose selective syncing, if that's what I want.

    I suppose I could still elect the disk mode for the iPod, even if I dont choose manual handling of files, to transfer notes, for example.

    I still dont understand the "iTouch/iPhone" issue. And why I was allowed to selectively sync some classes of files and not others, since, if I understand things, the way I was set up I should not have been able to that at all.
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    I have the same problem, what am I suppose to do I want to use my iPod and Computer but they are aren't talking right. Has anyone corrected this problem?