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I've made a PowerPoint presentation using a PC at work, and then enhanced it with Keynote upon coming home to my Mac. Works like a charm. I then go to present the slide show at work using my MacBook and everything is fine... except I was stumped temporarily with resolution-elated issues. With the help of the IT guy we figured it out, but does anyone know off-hand, what should the resolution be set at when connecting our computers to a projector? Also does this happen automatically, or do we need to set this up using Systems Preferences?
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    The resolution should ideally be set the same as the projector's "native" resolution, as should your slides. That said, Keynote and OS X are pretty good at dealing with differing resolutions.
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    I usually travel with my own projector, so there is no once I set it to the proper screen resolution it remains as is.

    However, sometimes I have to use the "house" projector, so to enable me to be sure that everything is sized properly and with the proper resolution, I have created a "test pattern" slide that I can use to make the final adjustments. The one I use is copied from the BBC website (http://www.meldrum.co.uk/mhp/testcard/bbc_test.html) but you can also do a Google search for "Test patterns" and find a variety to choose from. These will give you circles, focus lines and patterns, color bars and other graphics to optimize the projector's settings.

    Use the graphics options in Keynote to customize the test pattern for your own use: text, logos, etc.

    If you are using any audio playback, it also is a good idea to include some audio test signals with this slide: channel check (left-right), polarity (in and out), channel balance, etc.
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    Thanks Tulse and Ron for helping me understand the slide show resolution issue. I also found out that by booting up my computer and launching my Keynote presentation before I use the DVI cable to connect to the projector enables our Macs to automatically adjust to the resolution of the projector. This does not appear to happen when one hooks up the notebook to the LCD projector before turning on the computer. It's then that it seems one needs to adjust the resolutions manually.
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    The resolution of the presentation should be the same, as the projector for best quality. Most projectors are either SVGA (800*600) or XGA (1024*768). A few have higher resolution, but they are quite expensive, so you can be pretty sure, that 9 out of 10 business projectors are XGA.

    What you do, when you arrive is:
    1. connect the projector to your mac
    2. go into system preferences / monitor
    3. tell the system to look for monitors so it finds both your notebook and the attached
    4. in the same pane, select placement of the monitors, and turn off screen dub.
    5. this way your MB or MBP shows the correct resolution both on your notebook and on the projector, and you can use KN's fancy presenter mode.

    Sorry if the setting names are a little off. I am on a danish version of Leopard, so perhaps the names are a slight different from what I have suggested
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    Thank you. One more rehearsal, and I should be just fine.