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I recently got a Macbook Pro through work. I also have a "15 Macbook that I am no longer using. I want to sell it, but I dont want to restore it completely. I installed Leopard on it, and it also has Adobe CS2, Studio 8 and Microsoft Office. By keeping these programs on it, obviously I will get the full value that was put into it. I am wondering if there is a way to clean everything up without losing those applications? I tried to create a backup of CS2 on my external hard drive, but when I opened it in my another Macbook to test it, it wouldnt work., so I am afraid of losing it entirely if I try to make a back up again.

So basically, I am wondering if I did restore the Mackbook back to factory settings, would the software reinstall successfully, or would it not work because the serial number was already used?
If that is the case, is there anyway I can unregister my name from the programs and just manually clean up my hard drive?

Thanks for your help!

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