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I've got Parental Controls enabled for my kids' computers. Neither have web access limitations enabled, but both have complained that sometimes web sites don't load for them -- intermittently, and it always clears up on its own. I've seen speculation already that these network problems are caused by Parental Controls, regardless of network limitations, and it seems plausible.

But another wrinkle, perhaps. I was double-checking through the Parental Controls setting, and happened to click on the log tab, on one computer. The first entry was a long URL at Apple: http://configuration.apple.com/configurations/internetservices/notify/clientConf iguration-1.0.plist.signed

I have to wonder if this has to do with the web content restrictions and, if so, why it's being downloaded under an account without web restrictions enabled.

I get no hits for "configuration.apple.com" or "clientConfiguration" in the forum or support. Anyone know anything about this?

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