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I never had problems with the iTunes store before I updated to iTunes 7.5. I was able to buy music from the iTunes store. After updating to iTunes 7.5 I am still able to connect to the store, but I can no longer sign in to buy music or even play the music that I bought before. I receive the following error – message:

“The Apple ID was not used in the iTunes store before. Please check your account data.”

I did not change my Apple- ID, it is still the same as before!

When I try to check my account – data, I connect automatically to the Swiss “creating of a new account” and the “terms of use”.
When I try to agree to the “terms of use”, I receive the next error-message:

“An error occurred. The iTunes store is not able to process your request. Please try later again.”

It is like that now for the last 3 days.

That is what I did to solve the problem:
- I run the network-diagnostic – tool but everything seems to be ok!
- I ordered a new password , which I received – so it is not a typo, I am able to login through the internet
- I checked the settings of my firewall – seems to be okay
- I tried to create a new account with the same Apple-ID, it did not work since it is already in use, of course! But how can I use it?

I hope somebody can help me with this problem.

Dell XPS 210, Windows Vista, Intel Core 2
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    I had the same thing happen to me. And when I tried the iTunes store on my Mac copy of iTunes in OSX I got the same routine as you described. So it might be an accounts problem and not an OS problem. I sent them an email-using the form on this page: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/store/password/
    but I haven't got anything in reply yet.
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    I have the same problem. Below is what I sent Apple. Here is some of their useless reply. The rest was a bunch of links to self help. Note the fraction of a URL to nowhere! As noted, I have this on two different computers to the same account. The only thing common is that they are both running thru my Charter Cable service.


    Apple reply:
    I understand that you are receiving a message that says "This Apple ID has not been used with the iTunes Store" even though you have used it on the iTunes Store. Your request for assistance has reached iTunes Store Customer Support, which answers nontechnical questions exclusively about billing, customer accounts, downloading purchases, and iTunes Store content.

    I found this article for you on the iTunes support website at:

    My request:
    System has been working fine till now. When I attempt to log into iTunes I get a dialog that says "This Apple ID has not been used with the iTunes Store" which is not true. It then offers to review the issue and then tries to set up new account and it fails (say try later). This occurs in version 7.5 as well as on the previous version installed on a different authorized PC. I can log into the web site. I tried changing my password. I tried changing my account name. I pulled my local router out of the loop. I turned off all firewalls and filtering. I rebooted (too many times). I know it verifies my account and password as if I change either during login, it will fail with a differnt message. I tried with and without a iPod attached. I verified my computer clock was sync'ed with the network time. All of these had no affect.

    I don't have an date as to when it last worked but the last song downloaded was on 11/1/2007 (before DST change).
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    Thank you, I also did send now the form that you mentionend. I hope Apple-support will check the account.
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    I have this same problem, any help in resolving it would be appreciated...
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    After 2 days of problems, and contacting Apple, they said it was my computer. It started after downloading itunes 7.5 I finally disabled my Norton security for 5 minutes, and was able to enter store. So now I know my problem. I just don't know how to fix it. But I am able to buy songs. Don't know if I can down load to my ipod yet, without turning off security. hope this helps
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    Thanks for the help, I switched of McAffee for a while and tried to sign into the iTunes store, but there seems to be no difference with our without security.
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    Now I found the right thing to do in some discussions! I did reinstall iTunes 7.5 and now I can sign in to the store again and I am able to buy music.

    So everything is fine again!