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I also tried seaching System files with no luck.

Copied text directly from Stickies into 3 different search windows:

1. Command F in finder (tried System files also).
2. Spotlight window in upper right corner.
3. Spotlight Window Keyboard Shortcut.

No show ...

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks ... Ken

MacBook Pro C2d 15 (s/N 8644; 2.33) 120Gig 5400, Mac OS X (10.5), G5 Dual 2.5; Nano 3g; TV; iPod Classic 160
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    Bimp ...
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    The reason why Spotlight doesn't search the contents of stickies is because Stickies are not documents in the same sense, as say, a word document or a pdf etc. Although you may have five separate "Stickies" on your desktop, in reality all the data in those stickies is stored in one file called the "StickiesDatabase". You can find the Stickies Database in ~/Library/StickiesDatabase It's a plain text file that you can open with Text Edit. You'll see the contents of all your stickies notes in that file. The StickiesDatabase stores all the information about all of your Stickies in that one file, including the data and the size and color of the sticky. Every time you open the Stickies application that database file is referenced and tells the Stickies application how many stickies should be open on your desktop, as well as the other info. Notice how the Stickies application has no "Preferences". That's because this database file stores all the information the Stickies application needs and when you make changes to notes, that info is saved to that database file on the fly.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the great explanation !!!!