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I have an Olympus digital voice recorder that saves files in a WMA format. I would like to play these files in iTunes. I know I can play them on Windows Media Player, and have done so. Is there a way to convert these wma files to iTunes? I've tried importing, Adding to Library, dragging the file onto the iTunes icon, etc. Or, is there 3rd party software that can convert it?

Thanks for your help.

iMac (Intel), Mac OS X (10.4.7), iTunes 7.5
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    Any software that converts WMA to MP3 or AAC will produce files that iTunes can play. iTunes itself doesn't recognize WMA files.
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    Thanks for your reply! I'll go lookin' for that conversion software.
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    Try Switch. It is free for a trial period, and then around US$30 to purchase. I use the Windows version but it also comes for the Mac.
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    Thanks! I found it, I used it, it worked!!! Yay!
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    I stumbled across a method of converting unprotected wma files to aiff files using free tools you probably already have.

    If you have iMovie HD 6 and Flip4Mac, then you can drag a wma into an iMovie project and it and Flip4Mac will convert the file to an aiff. You can find it within the media folder in the movie project.

    You can then let iTunes convert the aiff to the compressed format of your choice. Since you're going through a double conversion, I'm assuming there will be some loss of quality. I couldn't tell the difference in the stuff I did, but your ear may be more demanding.