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markyboy Level 1 Level 1
When I try to sign in to my account on iTunes, I get the above error message, along with "Please review your account information".
When I then click on "Review", it comes up with the page "Create an Apple Account for the UK iTunes Store" and presents me with the Terms Of Service.
When I click "Agree", I get the message "An error occurred. The iTunes Store could not process your request. please try again later."
Can anyone tell me why this has happened and how to resolve it?
Is it because my partner got a new iPod and created his own account on the same computer?
That account works fine. It is only mine that I can no longer access.
Please, please, please help.

Windows XP
  • pointedancer168 Level 1 Level 1
    Are you using the correct email and password?
    I think you should certainly be able to use two
    different accounts. Are the email addresses the same?
    Are the passwords the same? I am guessing you need
    seperate emails for each account that you hold.

    Good luck.
    -Emily <3
  • BlueLink Level 1 Level 1
    This is again the exact same problem as I have, but I get rerouted to the "Create an Apple Account for the Swiss iTunes store".

    I posted a similar question two days ago and two people with the same problem answered. I also received a link to a e-mail form:

    I did write and explain the error but have not yet received an answer.
    Maybe you should write to the support also, maybe Apple gets aware of the problem when more people have the same problem.

    Apple should react soon, they cannot sell music to the people with this error!
  • prairiedogeric10 Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here. I WANT THIS PROBLEM FIXED!! Come on, Apple. I just bought a $15.00 card and can't buy any music with it. What a rip-off! I am very ****** so fix this problem NOW!!!!
  • Rav3n Level 1 Level 1
    I suggest you all visit and see if there is anything fishy.
  • onepointsixoneeight Level 1 Level 1
    I had a look in but can't spot anything that seems fishy.

    I only got this problem ("This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store") since upgrading to iTunes 7.5. Is that true for you guys too?
  • Douglas Cooley Level 1 Level 1
    I got this message after an install of iTunes 7.5 on my Vista PC but the same thing happened when I tried to login to the iTunes store on my iMac (OSX Tiger)running iTunes 7.4.
  • BlueLink Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, this happened to me also only after the update to iTunes 7.5, I did not have this problem with 7.4xxx!
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7
    Go to and edit your street address.
    Just put a space after your street address and save the info, which will force things to get refreshed.

    Does that make it work?
  • Douglas Cooley Level 1 Level 1
    Thanx for the suggestion, but no, that didn`t work for me.
  • tinycaredance Level 1 Level 1
    i too have had this problem with itunes 7 in the US store.

    i have been in touch with apple support via email but it seems like i just get automated messages back.

    this has been happening for a week now for me and i'm really getting annoyed as well. please keep posting with any response that you get.

    i also tried "downgrading" my account via and that didn't work.
    i tried resetting my password twice. and that didn't work.

    all of my other purchased music works correctly, experiencing the same problems you are. stupid updates.

    keep posted!
  • bflorac Level 1 Level 1
    Having the same problem, I posted a help request. After a second effort, I got the following message:

    I am sorry for all the frustration this situation has caused you. I understand that you are unable to gain access to your iTunes store account due to an error saying your account does not exist. I apologize for the frustration this has caused.

    Apple is currently working toward a resolution for the issue you have reported. You will receive an email after the matter has been investigated and further information is available.

    At this time, there are no issues with your account. The issue lies within the database.

    I can log in under a different account but have no idea what that does to the DRM on the songs I already purchased.
  • ARashkind Level 1 Level 1
    Count me in as having the same problem. I have been leaving messages in the iTunes for Mac forum where others in there also are having problems. I have been unable to access my account since 11/7/2007. E-mails with Apple have not worked and now I haven't heard back from them since Saturday. I have tried both on a Mac and Windows machine and keep receiving the same error message that:

    This Apple ID has not yet been used with iTunes.

    I last purchased music with this account on 10/30/2007. I even tried resetting my password, changing my account info, trying on a computer with iTunes 7.4, etc. I have money in that account and 150 songs and 5-6 tv shows that I cannot access. I also just purchased a new computer and cannot sync my iPod with this computer since these songs will not transfer.

    Apple really needs a phone number for technical support. Having to deal with e-mails back and forth (and waiting a day for each e-mail) is not a good business practice. Hopefully they will have a phone number in the future.

    Either way, count me in on getting annoyed that a week later, this issue has not been fixed.
  • iDanny Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same problem- it's so annoying, I purchased a £15 card today and I can't use it!!

    Is it going to be fixed any time soon?!
  • tinycaredance Level 1 Level 1
    updated windows today,

    it seems like itunes updated too, the store facing has changed.

    tried my luck again.

    no such thing.

    new message.

    "We could not complete your itues store request an unknown error has occurred (5002)

    There was an error in the itunes store please try again.

    anyone else having any luck?
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