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hawkmankt Level 1 (50 points)
Anyone else having problems with the alarm on the iPhone not going off?

I have different alarms set for different days including a setup for the weekend and I've had it not go off twice now and been late for work. Seriously. I have to step back into the past now and use an alarm clock again. How uncivilized.

MacBook Pro 15in. w/2GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.9), FCE HD 3.51 and LaCie 250GB D2 FW800 drive. iPhone 8GB. FCE HD 3.5.1
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    I had the same problem, and was also late to work! I think my boss thought I made it up, but when i checked my alarm in front of her, it was still set to go off. BUT, I did notice that the little alarm icon was not present at the top of the screen. All I know to do is, make sure the icon shows up when you set the alarm.
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    I had a similar problem, but mine was that for some reason the volume was turned all the way down. I go to sleep with a meditation podcast, that I could hear, then in the morning no volume. I even accused my husband of doing it. He sweats he didn't. Funny
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    I have had the same issue. Possibly 2 things that may have caused the problem:

    1. I had the phone on Vibrate when I place it in the Dock and then switched it to sound.
    2. I received a text message or call that was missed and it was showing on the little pop up window. This is the same area the alarm uses when it is going off.

    Were these common factors for you guys as well?
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    I have this same problem. The alarm frequently goes off significantly late in the morning. For example if I have the alarm set to go off at 7AM, it frequently will start ringing at 9:30AM.

    The volume is not down, the vibrate mode is not set, the battery is charged; as indicated by the fact that the alarm does indeed go off. Just not when it should.

    The other alerts through the day work, so its almost as if the fact that its idle (not getting calls, etc) that its in some suspend state. Then an email comes in, the phone rings, or something else then phone suddenly realizes that the alarm should have gone off and it starts doing its thing.

    Its really annoying.
  • Andrew T. Level 4 (3,210 points)
    Posted below are possible trouble shooting steps that may assist with this issue.

    Step 1: Delete all Alarms

    Step 2: Setup an Alarm to go off in 5 to 10 min before you proceed to the next troubleshooting step

    Now reboot the iPhone, Hold down the home button and lock button together till you see Apple logo then let go. Let the iPhone OS load. Now wait and see if your alarm goes off at the time you set it for.

    ( IMPORTANT) Please ensure that the silent button is NOT ON. You can check this by looking at the left hand side of the iPhone next to the volume button. If you see an orange circle your iPhone is on silent. Flip this switch and the orange color will disappear indicating all sound will work.

    Next ensure VOLUME is cranked all the way up. Ensuring you can hear anything that comes from the iPhone. Also please ensure nothing blocks the left hand speaker as it can be muffled causing you not to hear the alarm. Also ensure any loud fans in the room AC units etc. Are at low level as they could over power the sound from the iPhone.

    Step 2: If Step 1 fails and you checked all the tips above. Then the next step is delete the Alarms again, create one to go off in 5 to 10 min. Now let's go ahead and check our time on the iPhone.

    Go to Settings- General- Date and Time

    Please ensure 24 hour time is (OFF)

    Make sure Set Automatically is (ON)

    Make sure Calender Time Zone Support is turned (ON)

    Now choose your time zone aka choose your city and or closest major city next to you

    If all of this is correct and or has been changed. Sit back and wait for alarm.

    Step 3: Delete Alarms, Set one for 5 to 10 min.

    Now go to Settings- Sounds - Confirm Vibrate is (ON) for both Silent and Ring

    Confirm Volume is all the way up, and all other sounds below are turned on based on your preferences.

    Now go back to your Alarm settings and choose an Alarm sound you know you can hear.

    Now go to Settings- Airplane Mode - Turn ON for 1 min then turn OFF now await for your alarm to go off.

    Step 4: Delete Alarms and again create another to go off in 5 to 10 min. Now go to Settings- General-Reset-Reset Network Settings and Confirm. Now when it boots back up sit back and wait for Alarm.

    Step 5: Check and ensure you have iPhone 1.1.2 and if you do go ahead and Restore the iPhone. Please ensure all content is backed up onto the PC/Mac as data will be erased off the iPhone during this restore.

    Now setup an alarm to go off in 5 to 10 min and see what happens.

    Hope one of these steps helps. If not let us know
  • supermanguy87 Level 1 (140 points)
    I have had a similar problem, but I seem to have found the cause of mine. I had the alarm set for 5:30 PM. I had an appointment at 5:45 PM that was set to remind me 30 mins. before. The alarm never went off. I woke up after 5:45 PM and the appointment reminder was still there waiting for me to dismiss it. After I did so, within 30 sec. the alarm went off. I am almost positive that this was the problem. Hope this helps!
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    If my phone isn't hooked up to the charger, like I do nearly every night, the alarm may, or maynot go off.

    Now I ensure that I have it plugged in every night.

    It also made me late for work.
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    I had this exact same problem (although the times where different! lol). Anyway, what were you doing in bed that late!!!