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My iphone fell out of my pocket today and the screen is cracked and dangerously sharp... I'm away from home all week, but really need it repaired. If I take it to an Apple/Mac dealer, will they be able to repair it right away, or will they have to send it somewhere? There is no actual Apple store anywhere near here. Oh, and how much should I expect to pay for the repairs? Gulp
  • lilyrohm Level 1 (0 points)
    Anyone know anything about what I should do to have the screen repaired!? I'm kind of desperate.
  • Anantonix Level 1 (70 points)
    You must go to an Apple Store or you can call AppleCare support and they will mail you a box to ship it to them. No, this will not be a quick fix, more than likely you will have to pay to rent an iPhone while yours is being repaired. Its $30 dollars/month. I believe it is somewhere in the range of $250 to repair a broken screen but am not %100 on that. Best of luck getting a repair.
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    Hey there, got the same problem. how did you fix it in the end? is there a smart solution without paying 200-300 bucks? best regards, sirrel
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    You will need to get it to an actual Apple store and they'll exchange it for a refurb/new phone for $249. Your other option is to call Applecare and have them mail you a loaner and mailer box to send your broken phone back. You'll be a day or two without a phone until the loaner gets to you and your new phone should be waiting for you when you get home.
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    Hey there- I ended up going to an apple store and they gave me a new phone, but I had to pay $200 for the "repair." Luckily I still has my iPhone $100 rebate/credit that took a bite out of the cost. Not what I wanted to spend the money on, but I had no choice... Good luck!