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I have a problem with my iPod that I cannot figure out.

When I plug my iPod into the docking station and bring up iTunes, I can see that my iPod is trying to sync with the computer (the revolving circle on the iPod is "circling"). However, when the syncing in done, the iPod is not recognized in iTunes - at all. I have tried uninstalling iTunes and re-installing. I have also tried using a previous version of iTunes. Still no luck.

I did notice when i was using iTunes 7.xx, that iPodService was virtually taking over my CPU at 100% - even after I closed iTunes.

What has happened is that all my playlists on the iPod are gone, even though the music is still on the iPod.

A friend of mine said that he had the same problem and he restored his iPod to
the original settings. Before I go to that extreme step, I wanted to throw this out to all of you.

Thanks in advance for your help.

iPod 5th Generation, Windows XP, Sony VAIO
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    Try changing the Drive letter for the ipod before you restore.
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    Thanks for the tip. I tried that and it did not work.
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    I downloaded iTunes 7.5 today and now iTunes does not recognize my iPod. Is anyone else having this problem with 7.5? I saw other posts about different issues so I tried a few different fixes such as moving back to an earlier version of QuickTime but still no luck.

    Does anyone know how to find an pre 7.5 version to install?

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    I uninstalled/deleted everything pertaining to iPod/iTunes - everything! I installed my original software (2006-03-23) that came with my iPod. Still the same results. The iPod is not seen by the iTunes software, so I cannot even restore the thing.

    Anybody out there having the same problems? From what I've been reading here, I thought it was the 7.5 software, but that doesn't seem to be the problem.

    I hope I don't have an expensive boat anchor here.

    Would calling an Apple Store, or Apple themselves help?
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    No don't call them, they wouldn't be able to help you "backwards install".

    Try first in a new user, if you did already or that didn't work, follow this article ONLY FIRST THREE STEPS. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93976
    Reboot the computer.
    Then, install iTunes from here: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/itunes743forwindows.html

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    You know what, if the ipod is not recognized in iTunes, and it's 32 GB or less go to disk management and format the ipod, FAT32, quick. Then open iTunes and see....

    What kind of iPod anyways?
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    My iPod is a 60 gb.

    I always have the latest Windows updates (just installed latest this morning). I believe I've tried all the uninstalls/reinstalls.
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    I got the same problem...please, help!!!
    I need iPod for my work and when I had installed new version of iTunes 7.5 first I couldn't even open iTunes. Then I read here, that I should erase QuickTime and install old one version. It works. But when I plug in iPod, all my songs and playlists disappeared! Now when I try to sync iTunes with iPod, it tells me that it couldn't be done and don't recognize iPod (I can see only the icon of iPod, but nothing more).

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    Well, it looks like the iPod will need to come back to factory settings none the less. Try doing this:

    First, show "Hidden Files and Folders" (Open my computer, click on "Tools" then Folder options, click on the view tab, put the dot next to show hidden files and folders and apply, ok)
    Then, Terminate ipodservice.exe and ituneshelper.exe (This is assuming iTunes launches)
    Connect the ipod, wait for it to show in My Computer.
    Double click on it and you will find an ipod control folder in here - Drag and drop this to the recycle bin, close and open iTunes....Let's see if the ipod will be recognized allowing you to restore it.
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    You know, this just came to me this morning.

    I noticed the problem AFTER my wife was burning some CDs. What I noticed in
    particular is that my DVD/CD burner was recognized as "New Hardware Found". I have to believe that losing connectivity with my iPod and this event may be related, but without actually seeing what she did, I can only surmise.
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    Well, I tried your suggestion, and your instructions were perfect. It wiped out everything on the iPod, which I expected. I thought maybe this might work. Unfortunately, I installed iTunes 6.0.3, connected the iPod and let 'er rip. The iPod was syncing and everything, but I still cannout see the device in iTunes.

    Any other suggestions? I'm open to anything, at this point.
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    Well, I finally got this thing to work!

    What I did was connect the iPod to a different PC running iTunes. The other computer did, in fact, see the iPod. With the iPod seen, I was able to do a
    restore. When that was done, I re-installed the latest version of iTunes on my original computer. When I connected the iPod, it was seen by iTunes again and now life is good. While I have to reload everything and set up all my playlists again, it's a small price to pay.

    The moral of this saga is to try the iPod on another machine. If it can be seen by the second computer, do a restore. After that you should be good to go.