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I understand that for iPhone to communicate with Exchange, IMAP access is required:

"Exchange email accounts must be configured for IMAP to work with iPhone" (from the iPhone user guide)

My questions is, what (exactly) is the difference between the IMAP and Exchange tabs when setting up a mail account on the iPhone? I have it working with secure IMAP inbound (port 993) and SMTP outbound (port 25) on my Exchange Server 2003 server; however I would like to know the difference between plain "IMAP" and "Exchange" in the iPhone configuration.

Searching the forums has revealed lots of people asking how to set up IMAP on Exchnage (Microsoft documentation would seem a good place to start), but I don't seem to be able to answer this question.

If anybody knows the answer, I'd be most grateful. One post suggested that there is no difference; however I can't imagine Apple cluttering the interface with an option if there is an existing feature that's identical!

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