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I am unable to set burning preferences in iTunes. When I click on "Burning" under "Advanced" and "Preferences". iTunes freezes. I need to use Task Manager to exit iTunes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled,and downloaded updated iTunes releases, to no avail. Windows Media Player and Nero will both burn disks with no problems. Any suggestions?

Dell XPS 421, Windows XP Pro, iTunes
  • Halo3WhiteBoy Level 1 (5 points)
    Just a shot in the dark, but update your virus scanner, reboot, then run it while in safe mode, although you may often scan for virus infected files at a time like this, some of them hid them self, safe mode will not allow the small programs they run to do so.
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    I am having exactly the same problem.

    I changed it to to burn an MP3 in Preferences>Advanced tab>Burning and then did what I wanted to do.

    Then I bought a new album from iTunes that I wanted as a CD, so I went back to the Advanced tab and clicked Burning and it just freezes as the other guy said.

    Any other suggestions?
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    I have worked out a work around.

    1.Close iTunes and Go to your iTunes installation folder
    e.g. c:\Program Files\iTunes

    2.There is a folder called "CD Configuration", move this folder somewhere outside of the iTunes folder (i put mine on the desktop) (n.b. DO NOT DELETE THIS)

    3.Create a new folder and call it "CD Configuration"

    4.Start iTunes, now you can edit the Burning preferences

    5.Once you have changed your preferences, close iTunes

    6.Go back to your iTunes folder and put the CD Configuration folder that you moved out back (thus overwriting the empty one you created in step 3.

    Its not the nicest thing you can do, but it allows you to change the burning preferences.

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    This worked for me, but I had to slow down my speed. I tried to max out and it went bad again. I repeated the steps while trying to tweak it. No error message though. Thanks, now if I could get Apple to reimburse me for the wasted disks I went through to find a fix for their problem. Thanks, now I can get my Christmas disk out before Christmas.