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If the "restart services every 24 hours" option is enabled, does that mean that the services are restarted 24 hours from when they were initally started? Strangely It seems like we lose our cluster config right around 12 midnight. And I also see this in the logs:

<mrk tms="216710840.582" tmt="11/14/2007 00:27:20.582" pid="574" kind="begin" what="log-session"/>
<log tms="216710840.583" tmt="11/14/2007 00:27:20.583" pid="574" msg="Starting up"/>
<log tms="216710840.629" tmt="11/14/2007 00:27:20.629" pid="574" msg="Scheduling restart timer in 84759 sec."/>

any confirmation on this?


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    Your logs are correct. It restarts at midnight each night. You have no control over this in the interface (kind of stupid if you ask me).

    If you want to restart at specified times, you can set up a crontab under the administrator account to do this.

    ### every Tuesday between 3:40PM and 3:50PM restart Compressor
    40 15 * * 2 /usr/sbin/qmasterprefs -service "Compressor Processing" off timeout 8
    50 15 * * 2 /usr/sbin/qmasterprefs -service "Compressor Processing" on

    This example is for a node. It's best not to automatically restart the cluster controller this way unless you're sure it won't have any jobs in the queue and you check it afterward.

    Qmaster clusters are delicate things -- more so than teenage daughters.
    Depending on your version of qmaster, you can read page 21 of the docs located here:


    Hope this helps & as always with qmaster, good luck.