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Just adding my issues to the pile. Same as many other, I consistently have my 80GB Classic ipod disconnect with the "wrong volume in disk" message. It will make it through about 2100 of the songs before it stalls out and disconnects.

Every time it happens, the ipod gets stuck in sync mode, even after ejecting the ipod in itunes, and I have to disconnect it. When the ipod comes back up, there are usually 0 to 7 songs on it, and when I connect it to itunes, it shows 15GB of "Other" data, which is what should have been the songs.

I have tried the fix apple posted for the -50 error, didn't work.

I've tried syncing automatically

I've tried syncing manually (both in one large batch, and in many multiple smaller batches).

I've tried turning off album art prior to syncing.

I've tried syncing across USB 1.1 and 2.0, both with older ipod cables, the new cable that came with the classic, and a 3rd party cable.

I've tried IDing the specific songs that are loading when the ipod hangs and disconnects, thinking they might be corrupt, and then deleting them, and after restoring the ipod and syncing again, it will hang again, this time with a song that loaded just fine the previous time, so there appears to be no rhyme or reason to it as far as the song files are concerned.

I'm about to try uninstalling and reinstalling itunes, but I doubt it will help.

How did things get so bad from the 5.5 to the classic? This is crazy.

Self Built, Windows XP Pro
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    Reinstall of itunes did not fix the issue. Still disconnected about 3/4 of the way though, had to force an eject, and now I only have 3 songs on my ipod and 12GB of "Other" data. Time to restore . . . again.
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    Welp, after getting tired of trying different methods, and thinking my issue could be HDD based, I returned it for a new unit at BB, and the new one synced perfectly, 20Gb of audio and 25GB of video on it now.

    I also noticed that the new ipod I got from BB was already loaded with firmware version 1.0.2, whereas the first one I got on Sunday was not and I had to update it. So if there are HDD issues with the older classics, they might have addressed them with the newer ones.
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    I am having a similar problem. I have a 80gb model and about 4300 songs in my iTunes library (windows xp pro machine). It takes about 45 minutes to sync and fails about 3/4 the way through. Gives me a Windows - Wrong Volume: The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert volume XXX into drive I. I have tried restarting, downloaded all of the latest software, change volume IDs, did the registry fix, rebooted, deleted files that were loading around the time of the crash. I have used different USB hubs. Nothing works. I am very tech savy on computers.

    It makes me very sorry I bought my first Apple product. It is not only not working, but it has cost me loads of time. Any help?
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    Just an update:

    I took the iPod to work where I have a much smaller library, about 5 GB (my iPod is an 80 GB model). I reset it and synced to the work computer and it worked. It seems that it can only handle a smaller database? I also ran some diagnostic tests ala


    It won't pass the FW / USB detect test. Perhaps the unit is faulty. In any case, my next step is to try to return it for exchange at Best Buy, though it is 5 days over the 30 day period. How convenient! Nothing about this exprience has been convenient. They should call this thing the iClod.
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    Have you got *enable disk mode* checked? Might find you get better results with it off. I'f it's in disk mode there's all likelhood that all sorts of background process are trying to talk to it at the same time as iTunes. Are you running any of the indexing add-ons such as Google or Windows Desktop search?

    My first attempt at installing the entire libray in one hit (back on V1.0.1) left all sorts of problems. In the end I did a restore, unchecked the entire libray, then rechecked 2000-3000 tracks at a a time and built the library up in stages. Been fine since.

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    TT2: Thanks for that suggestion, I'll double check that setting on my home computer. I am going to try to exchange this iClod for a new one tonight considering it failed the diag test I ran earlier today. Maybe it has nothing to do with my problem, I just can't bear spending another full evening trying to synch this thing. I have spent way too much time on this. I didn't think getting an iPod would mean becoming it's Slave.
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    I returned the unit to Best Buy last night. They exchanged it with no hassles. I took the new unit home and booted it up and manually synched my library 1000 songs at a time, disconnnecting between batches.

    It seems to have worked and I now have all my songs on the new iPod. So far so good with no strange "wrong Directory/drive" errors.
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    Another thing that can cause that error on long copies is the power management on your USB controllers. Go to Windows Device Manager (ctrl+break, then the 'hardware' tab, then 'device manager'). Expand 'USB Controllers', then right click each of the 'USB Root hub' items and choose 'properties'. Under the power management tab, uncheck 'Allow this computer to turn off this device...'

    I still see this error randomly once a week though, without a large file copy, so think there might be something else going on. Has anyone had this error come back?