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Howdy -

I'm looking for a way to avoid moving duplicates into a playlist. If I have an established playlist, and I come across another song I'd like to add, I just drop it in there. If the song already exists in the playlist, the playlist happily accepts it with no warning. Is there some way to turn on a warning? (This is a duplicate of a song you already have in your playlist. Add it anyway? YES NO).

I do realize that I can scan the playlist for duplicates after the fact, but it would be quite a bit handier to have iTunes alert me when I attempt to add a song that's already there. I wonder what percentage of the time a user would WANT the duplicate song in a playlist? I can see the value of it sometimes, certainly. And in that instance, you'd just say YES to the warning box (or select to never have it ask). Maybe this is a problem that's unique to me, but as I slowly build my playlist over many days, weeks and months - this feature would be very handy. My memory ain't what it used to be.


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