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Windows will not recognize my shuffle and neither will iTunes.

My ipod can still charge...

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    This is the same problem that i have. Only difference is that now my ipod actually shows a light. A constant green ligth since i have connecteed it to my pc. Am scared to disconnect in case i never see the light again. I followed all the 5R's and am still at a loss. Since the pc won't recognise my ipod i can't restore it. All I see is a constant green light nothing else.

    Can this be solved?
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    I have a similar problem with my new shuffle. When I plug it into the USB port, I get a prompt at them bottom right of screen that states "Unknown USB device" windows does not recognize this device. I own two other IPods, One video and one Nano...Both work correctly when attached to same USB. The shuffle is brand new and has nothing on it. It did charge, but not able to do anything from there. Please help.
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    I bought my daughter an ipod shuffle. When I try to download to it I get an error message that I must have itunes 7.2 or better but all I can find is 7.5 and it won't run on windows 2000. How can I load version 7.2 and will it run on windows 2000?
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    You can find old versions of iTunes here:

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    I'm having exactly the same problem. My Shuffle works fine on my desktop PC but doesn't show up at all in itunes on my laptop
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    Ihave a 2nd gen shuffke abd it worked fine for a day then when I went to restorte it so I could reload a new playlist, it hasn;t worked since.

    When I connect it to XP box USB it shows as 'S:my ipod' in explorer hard drive list for 3 seconds then changes to 'S:Removeable Drive' then disappears altogether no S Drive at all.

    It still shows in Disks in Device Manager and also shows in USB List under USB Mass Storage as Apple Ipod. It also shows in latest iTunes unser Settings and shows an empty playlist.

    It shows as 336KB used with 966.7MB Free.

    When I try to place a playlist, it starts to sync for afew nminutes then a panel comes up with 'Can't find disk'. This would be true as the disk doesn't show in Explorer.

    I have tried to Restore it again, but a panel say it can't do it with error 1418.

    Any ideas how I can fix this please
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    same issues here....new computer and it won't synch or even "see" any of our ipods. I have tried all the recommendations in help

    I am ready to pull my hair out

    Any help???
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    Did you ever have any replies to your problem? I have the same problem, only my shuffle isn't new. It had been working on my computer until very recently and now my computer isn't recognizing it. It's a PAIN. I've trouble-shot every possible problem and gotten nowhere. HELP-ANYONE?