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Hi All,

To all those looking to restore their Canon PIXMA all-in-ones (I have an MP970) scanning and printing via the MP Navigator EX software. The latest version, 1.0.4 restored all functionality for me. I suggest you give it a go.

Also, 6.9.1 of the printer driver is also now out.



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    FYI. I got my copies from here:

    <http://www.canon.com.au/support/wsss.aspx?id=mp970&m=DR&r=http://www.canon.com. au/products/allin_one_printers/all_in_one_printers/mp970.aspx?m=support&h=http://www.canon.com. au/products/all_in_one_printers/all_in_oneprinters/mp970.aspx?m=support>


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    Do you know if this will work for models other than the MP970? I have the MP530 and it uses the full MP Navigator software (rather than the EX version.) Canon's USA web site makes mention of using the EX version for compatibility with Leopard, but doesn't give a download link to it.
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    Hi Scott,

    I found version 1.0.4 when checking the Mac drivers for my parent's new MP520. So it works for the 520 and 970 so I'd suggest it will work for all PIXMA MPs.

    The download link I posted previously will get you version 1.0.4.

    BTW, I didn't even know there was a non-EX version of the software. What does it give you that the EX version doesn't?


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    Hi Karl,

    Yesterday I bought a Canon MP610 as well as a copy of Leopard to install on my 2 year old G5 iMac. However, I'm still waiting on MYOB to confirm that Account Edge 6 will work with Leopard before I go ahead and do the install. In the meantime, I've installed the Canon software including MP Navigator Version 1.0.2. My problem is that the program simply won't run! Is there some trick to this? Sorry I know this is a Leopard forum but Google threw it up when I was searching using 'Canon MP Navigator EX'. From your post I'm assuming that you were using an earlier version of MP Navigator with Tiger, or am I wrong?

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    There is a Tiger discussion board. May I suggest you post your question there in order to keep this one on topic (Leopard-related)?

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    I have no idea what the difference between the EX version and the non-EX version is, but the Apple-compatibility page on the Canon USA site for the MP530 makes mention of it.

    I tried the version you link to, but it didn't work. It says that it doesn't work with my scanner driver. I checked the Canon site, and I'm using the most current one.

    Frustrating. I have a feeling some of these printer companies like Canon drag their feet on making their printers work with new OS's like Leopard. That way you are more tempted to go out an buy their new "Leopard-compatible" version. There is really no reason why they can't update their drivers and software for their older version. It's not a technical issue for them; it's a marketing one. I'm especially upset because my MP530 is less than a year old. I got it last year for Christmas. It's not like I'm asking them to update their software for some dot-matrix printer from the early 90's.

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