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We (Apple faithful) really need Front Row v2 (FR2) to behave a little like Front Row v1 (FR1) did. When you have lots of seasons of TV shows like I do, it is very, very, very, very difficult to find an individual episode from a season because FR2 dumps all episodes into a single list, after navigating to a TV Show that has multiple seasons. Sure, the season name/date of each episode is displayed, in small text on the left side of the screen. However, in FR1, episodes were also grouped by season number and we were able to navigate into specific seasons, once we selected the TV Show desired. Given FR1's approach, we only had about 20 - 24 different episodes to sort through, as opposed to "20 * # seasons" different episodes.

This issue is more problematic when you have TV Shows like "24". Each episode is named based upon the hour they are in for a given season. Given the way that FR2 lists episodes, after I select "24" as my show to watch, I am then presented with a list of about 144 episodes to choose from, since I have 6 seasons of this show and each season produced 24 episodes. This means I might have 4 or 5 episodes with the same name (ex. 9am - 10am from season 1, 9am - 10am from season 3, etc.)

This seems like an easy fix, you already had sorting working just fine in FR1. Can you just turn this back on in FR2?

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