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I had my iPhoto library folder on an external hard disk (LaCie BigDisk, 500GB). This drive stopped working and I sent it to LaCie to repair. In the mean time, I continued taking pictures and importing them into iPhoto, using the internal hard disk of my mini.

I finally got my hard drive back and, as it was the power supply that failed, I had all my data still in it.

So, now I have 2 iPhoto library folders. So the question is... How do I merge the two? Do I have to re-import all of them? And if so, will the dates be kept or will they appear as the date of the import?

And since we are at it, I usually travel with my PowerMac, and import my pictures into it. Again, can I somehow merge the iPhoto library in my PowerMac with my mini's library? Is there any way in which I can have the Mini working as the main library and add from other computers?

THANKS (I know there are many questions, but I guess that there is only one answer)

macMini, Mac OS X (10.4.7), iPhoto 5.0.2